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  • team dragonpunk is launching a new mod soon

    Team Dragonpunk is launching a new mod soon

    4 March 2017, by Robin Ek

    It’s been about a month since I (Robin Ek, TGG) wrote about the news that Firaxis officially declined a Dragonpunk Kickstarter campaign. Well, a lot of things has happened since then. You see, just the other night I was informed by Daniel Connery (Founder/Creative Director – Team Dragonpunk) that Team Dragonpunk is launching a new mod s... Read more

    Category: Game mods

  • firaxis officially declines a dragonpunk kickstarter campaign

    Firaxis officially declines a Dragonpunk Kickstarter campaign

    8 February 2017, by Robin Ek

    I am sorry to inform you all that it appears as if there will be no Kickstarter campaign for “Dragonpunk” (don´t miss out on our interview with the developers behind “Dragonpunk!”), because late last night Team Dragonpunk posted the following information on their petition page via change.org: “FEB 7, 2017 — Thank you a... Read more

    Category: Indie games

  • dragonpunk interview a closer look at the neat co-op pc mod for xcom 2

    Dragonpunk interview – A closer look at the neat Co-Op mod for XCOM 2

    1 September 2016, by Jack Davis

    Just recently I got a chance to speak to Daniel Connery (the leader of the Dragonpunk team) about his “Dragonpunk” project, and good thing that. As the project is a really impressive Dark Fantasy/Cyberpunk mod for “XCOM 2”  (“Dragonpunk” is currently running a gofundme campaign to take its development to the next... Read more

    Category: Interviews

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