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  • juby headshot interview cosplay gaming and thoughts on lewd content

    Juby Headshot interview – Cosplay, Gaming and thoughts on lewd content

    19 October 2017, by Robin Ek

    As some of you might remember, back in July this year I wrote about Juby Headshot’s super awesome Angel (“The King of Fighters”) cosplay. Well, I got so impressed by Juby ‘s cosplays that I decided to reach out to Juby for an interview =) And luckily enough for me and you; Juby agreed to my interview request. So we talked...... Read more

    Category: Interviews

  • tali xoxo just made metroid even sexier with her samus aran cosplays

    Tali xoxo just made Metroid even sexier with her Samus Aran cosplays

    20 September 2017, by Robin Ek

    As most of you probably already know by now (well, at least if you’re a fan of the “Metroid series”). Nintendo launched “Metroid: Samus Returns” to the 3DS console less than one week ago (on the 15th of September to be exact, and have no worries, because we’re going to review the game as soon as possible!), and s... Read more

    Category: Cosplay

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