Fans have been given so much excitement in “Dragon Ball Super” that there’s just no end to the “Dragon Ball” mayhem. From the revival of the Kaioken and Vegeta’s Galik Gun, to the introduction of the new Saiyan on Earth-2 (yes, The Flash reference works here too). We’ve seen it all so far. Well, that´s at least what fans believe. And just when you think it’s over. Future Trunks has made an astounding debut. Along with his arrival, the heroes find out that there’s yet-again another threat to the future. Only this time it’s Goku! No not our Goku, but an evil version of him.

And while it’s not exactly Goku, the villain (which is named “Black” Goku) just happens to look precisely like him. We’re going to look inside of this character and see just what makes him so deadly for earth and its future. So be careful for full spoilers if you haven’t watched episode’s 48-50 yet.

dragon ball super black goku

And what an awesome power it is.

Between episode’s 48-50 of “Dragon Ball” Super some very interesting events have occurred. Trunks traveled from 17 years in the future to warn the heroes about Black the new. During Trunk’s encounter with Goku to test his abilities in SSJ2, Black interrupts and gives the viewers an astounding surprise: He knows what time he is in, and recognized everyone–including Lord Beerus.

Goku wasted no time in wanting to fight Black as he quickly powered up to SSJ2 to fight him. We know he can go up to SSJG2, but Trunks and Black do not. It’s important to remember after both the Android, and Buu sagas, “Dragon Ball” Super picks up where we should have left off with the exception for Uub becoming Goku’s student. Since Uub hasn’t appeared, yet it begs the question of where he is in the universe since “Dragon Ball GT” isn’t canon anymore, and neither is SSJ4. We could be jumping over the Buu storyline completely. And introducing Black as the new big bad. Since Frieza returned to help integrate SSJG2 and establish Vegeta being on par with Goku for fighting prowess.

dragon ball super black goku vs goku

Good Goku Vs bad Goku. Round 1, fight!

As the fight with Black ensues, Goku takes notice that they are both holding back, as Black comments that it’s an honor to fight Goku in “this body.” A serious blow is delivered to Black causing damage, and creates an opening for Goku to finish him off.

Before he can, Black destroys Trunk’s time machine and ends up being thrown back through the portal. He came through sending him back to his own time. Whis takes notice of a few serious things about Black–including his time ring. According to Beerus and Whis, only Supreme Kai’s are allowed to wield a ring like that. Which means Black could be a Kai. This would explain his earring, and his costume (it looks like the great Saiyaman’s).

dragon ball super good vs evil

This picture made me think about Powerman 5000´s song “When Worlds Collide”.

Another theory is that he could be a body snatcher similar to Captain Ginyu, or an Android. But what if there was another option to go along with this? What if he was an attempted clone of Goku to help the future? We did get a time machine after all, so cloning or gene manipulation is very possible, especially with Bulma at the helm.

This doesn’t necessarily fit since he can sense energy, and even power up to SSJ himself. What other powers of Goku’s he wields has yet to be seen, but he fights like a savage Saiyan. According to the next episode, Black finds Mai alive in the future and attempts to kill her, but she escapes. We’re supposed to find out more about his origins in episodes 51-52, and see how he came to be, who he is. A lot of fans think that God King Zematsu the green guy in the opening cinematics might be black, but again this is just one of many theories.

With that said, what are your thoughts on the Black arc so far? And where do you think the fight is headed next? Tell us your thoughts below.

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17 Comments ON " Dragon Ball Super – Who is Black Goku? "
  • Sevuz

    The Japanese voice of Goku is just awful xD

    • Very much so -_-

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      but it’s WAAAYYYY better voice acted than the dubbed version.. COMPLETELY 1000000%

      • Sevuz


  • Here’s a weird question since he grabbed his heart in the episode what if the body is Goku from 17 years ago and he didn’t die but was hijacked by someone?

    • That´s a good question indeed. Sadly enough, I have no answer to that one -_-

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    how people are STILL finding pleasure from watching this TRASH anime is beyond me.. in 2016 we have SOO MUCH BETTER animes out there with deeper story lines and more thought provoking content yet still fools seem to enjoy this trash of an anime.. i seriously shake my head and sigh at people sometimes.

    • Silv3rsC0M

      You have your hobbies, we have ours

    • Because people enjoy different things in life? I watch Gintama myself, but not everyone like that anime.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        i LOVE Sakata Gintoki lool… BUT the reasons people dont like Gintama are different to why people dont like DragonBall… The over simplification, lack of themes or an actual coherent story are tooo hard to appreciate at an older age.. When we were younger of course DBZ was everyones favorite but as you grow up ad mature with the animes you enjoy the dragonball universe get’s left behind because it genuinely isnt even good….

        My shock isnt that people still enjoy the anime its more shocking that ENOUGH people support this show to keep it going lol.

        • the fighting games, food, cosplay, and the diversity are the reason people love it so much

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            food..? i dont think so.. maybe in japan… cosplay i can understand but dragnonball isnt even the most cosplayed anime… there is certianly NO diversity in the Dragonball universel… every character is carbon copy of a larger character lool… and the fighting games have all been trash since budokai 3

          • So….dragonball xenoverse,1-2 dont count? Also dragonball is diverse they’vethey’ve repped fighters from every race and gender

          • Bradly Skiles

            Why do you have to come to things like this and trash something people love. It seems like you kinda just went out of your way to piss people off or something.

        • It´s a taste thing really. I still enjoy watching Cobra, even though I watched the whole series as a child. Well, then I would guess that it´s nostalgia then? I wasn´t really into DBZ as a kid though. I started to play the games as a teen, then I switched over to the old-school TV-series.

    • Ok…let me ask you something one anime fan to another. What was the very FIRST anime you ever watched? Speed Racer, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Big-O, or Ronin Warriors in the 90’s? Depending on your answer I’ll understand your visceral launch on an Anime Classic that paved the way and inspired every single Manga-ka, and Anime actor to become who and what they are now.
      Also consider this, not everyone will like your genre of anime, and even so it’s not your place to trash something people grew up with, appreciate, or inspired them to better themselves through discipline. simplicity is key to some, and reminiscence is better to others

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        listen i understand what you’re saying… i LOVED Dragonball SOO much as a child.. literally it was my favourite… but JUST BECAUSE something can be looked at in fond memory through the realm of nostalgia does NOT mean its as good when compared to modern standards… Be it story telling character development or animation ALL of which Dragonball LACKED when looking back and judging it… I certainly do not doubt or underestimate the influence dragonball has had on manga & anime and the culture in general BUT THATS IRRELEVANT when JUST asking “was it actually even any good” When looking back from a more matured and educated position. To me the best example to give is ‘Power rangers’… Power rangers was my LIFE as a child too and yes even till now there ARE some adults that still LOVE IT!! but looking back at power rangers it’s certainly not as good as i once thought it was in my youth… It’s literally that for Dragonball..

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