Here we are at Tokyo games show 2017. E3 is still very fresh in our memories yet Sony had more goodies to show at their TGS conference, which made for some interesting viewing. It’s business as usual with more great games for you to dig deep in your wallets and buy. There’s always something interesting from TGS whether it’s major developers like Tecmo Koei or Capcom announcing new games, new hardware, or smaller studios showing off their goods to the Japanese market. So, here’s my breakdown of the 2017 conference and the games covered (and yes, “Dynasty Warriors 9” is one of them, praise Lu Bu!).

As with most conferences it all kicks off with sizzle reel with a really groovy song showing off some of the big releases coming later this year such as “Fifa”, “Call of duty”, “Destiny 2” and a few others. We were then treated to some information that PlayStation 4 from June 11th has seen at least a colossal 60.4 Million units sold! And along with this announcement, we will soon see the release of the new coloured dualshock 4 controllers and then for the October 19th “Gran Turismo” Sport releases alongside a special-edition console. Furthermore, we will also see another special-edition console for “Call of Duty WW2“, which is in camo green and to be honest. It’s not exactly pretty.

dissidia final fantasy

“Dissidia Final Fantasy” is another big game that fans are looking forward to.

We then got another sizzle reel showing off even more games, such as the new “Call of duty WW2” story trailer, the absolutely stunning “Ni No Kuni 2” trailer showing off even more of the “Ni No Kuni 2” universe, and it looks freaking amazing. However, there was no word whether the first game would grace the PS4 as of yet, which might be disappointing for some, especially if you never got to play it back on PS3.

EDF! EDF! EDF! “Earth defense force 5” gets a new trailer and will release in Japan this year, which means it could be ages before it sees a western release because it took so long for the previous game to make it to our shores =) But nonetheless, more bug killing is always a good thing. “Red dead redemption 2” showed its face but with nothing new to offer. Nevertheless, one game that I personally always get excited for at TGS is always “Dynasty Warriors”, here we got a new trailer showing off some of the awesome combat and a new graphics engine. It looks to be the best “Dynasty Warrior” game yet, and I simply can’t get enough of them. It also looks like Japan will get an exclusive Zhao Yun console, which I made my eyes green with envy. However, there’s no specific release date, but it’s slated for a 2018 release.

dynasty warriors 9

“Dynasty Warriors” is always something I look forward to at TGS each year.

“Mincecraft story season 2” had a trailer, and it was announced if you Pre Order from a particular date you’ll get some PS Plus discount off the original price tag which is nice. However, it that announcement was no way near as cool as the new Final Fantasy Dissidia game that was showed off showing awesome battles between your favorite characters, my jaw dropped seeing Squall face off against Ifrit. There was even a release date to! “Final Fantasy Dissidia” comes to PlayStation 4 2018-1-11.

Shadow of the colossus” made an appearance to a more appreciative crowd this time since it had a lacklustre response from E3. This one is already on my pre-order list, and in case you didn’t know this is being remastered by Bluepoint who did a pretty darn good job on FFX/X2 along with a few other games. There’s no specific release date, but it’s arriving in 2018.

gungrave vr tgs 2017

“Gungrave VR”? Well, I for one didn’t see this one coming.

Atlus popped up to let us know that the popular 2D dungeon crawler “Dragons Crown” will be coming to PS4 boasting 4K visuals and cross play between, PS3, Vits and PS4 which arrives in early 2018. Another nice surprise appeared, which was in the form of “Final Fantasy 9” (arguably one of the best Final Fantasy games), and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 TODAY! Well at some point (at the time of 9.30 am) it’s not on the store just yet, but I’ll be throwing my money at the screen as soon as it appears in the marketplace.

There were even more games announced during the show, to the point where I struggled to keep up, a volley of short trailers showing off “Stella Stage”, which looks like to be some sort of Singing/dancing game, no gameplay was shown. “Mobile suit Gundam Battle Operation 2” (possibly the longest name of the show) showed off some remarkable scale, from being on foot fighting to piloting huge Gundam, which blast its way on to PS4 come 2018.

playstation 4 pro monster hunter world liolaeus edition

Say hello to the Monster Hunter with Limited Edition PS4 Pro console!

PSVR had a nice dedicated section showing off numerous games. Coming up to its first birthday, there was also a focus on music and other media for gamers to enjoy. There was a short volley of game trailers such as Ark Park, Gungrave Vr (Holy mother of hell), A-tran Exp (great for those train enthusiasts who have no more room for train sets) “Zone of the Enders VR”, “GT Sport”, “Bravo Team”, “Monster of the deep” and more.

Supermassive game’s “Hidden Agenda was also shown off, for those unaware this is a game built on unanimous decision with up to six players, played via mobile or tablet you can try and solve the mystery of the “Trapper” killer boasting some great visuals this looks like one to watch, releasing in time for Halloween 25.10.17 at £15.99. In another news, Animax is getting reinvented in December, and the popular anime app will also get some exclusive content featuring a bare assed character that likes to save bald men from humiliation.

new dualshock 4 controllers tgs 2017

Yep, there will be some new Dualshock 4 controllers.

Finally, we got to a list of timed or complete exclusives for PS4 the first game shown was from the popular “Fist of the North Star” series, and it looks absolutely bad ass. Why? Because the combat voice acting and the whole thing just looked unbelievably cool. There was then yet another Earth defense force game called Iron Rain, showing off some serious graphical enhancements and seems to be more story focused that the previous games. Atlus appeared once more with a cool-looking 2D adventure game called 13 sentinels’ aegis rim. “Detroit become human” also had a trailer but nothing we haven’t seen already, slated for 2018 and Square Enix revealed a very short teaser for “Left Alive” coming 2018.

Finally, we ended with Capcom’s “Monster Hunter World”, bringing us a new trailer which showed off more gameplay and lots of monsters, and some of them are going to be bloody massive. Nevertheless, that’s not all they showed us because we have a release date too, and it’s sooner than you think! Because on January 26th 2018 “Monster Hunter World” will be releasing worldwide, and they’re even doing to a special-edition console too!

tgs 2017 playstation conference

Did Sony do a good job with their Playstation 2017 conference? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

And that was it. The conference ended but how satisfied are you with the TGS announcements? Was there anything you wanted to see more of, or didn’t see at all, did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below! Personally, I was a little bummed out as to why we have never gotten an answer as to where “Deep Down” has gone, and we see nothing of Kingdom Hearts, even ShuheiYoshida was absent! Perhaps the Paris Games show will have more answers, who knows. As for this particular conference, it felt different to other TGS shows. It was less talking and a lot more video games! Anyway, I’m off to download “Final Fantasy 9”.

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