The topic of violence in video games has caused a lot of discussions recently. Some say it’s not a problem at all. Others blame gaming in all bad things happening in our world. Let’s not continue this conversation here but look at the subject from a slightly different point – is this possible that shooting games are even good for gamers?

Here you’ll find direct ways, in which such FPS as CS:GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, or Overwatch develop various skills, essential for real life. These “bullets” may be quite helpful in conversations with some anti-gaming people (“Why you play this game?”, “Don’t you think it’s a waste of time?”, etc.).

1. Reaction

You can’t win in a shooting game without having an excellent reaction. Opponents appear nearby, and you should act immediately – hide from deadly bullets or shoot first. Some other game genres (such as racing and fighting) also develop this skill, but shooters are the best here.

Fast reaction is crucial in real life. In ancient times, people couldn’t survive without it. The modern world is a bit calmer, but still acting fast may be very helpful sometimes.

call of duty black ops cuba

“Be quick or be dead” is one of the golden rules when it comes to FPS games. So fast reflexes and a fast mind is a big advantage for sure.

2. Attention.

The speed of your reaction doesn’t matter if you can’t concentrate on the process of playing. Any moment your opponent may jump from the next corner. Any moment your teammates may begin a sudden attack – will be you ready for this? Shooting games ask for all your attention. Even a slight distraction will lead to a disaster.

The skill of being attentive is something we develop with practice. Shooting games offer a nice way to do this with enthusiasm. Attention is needed in many aspects of real life – from conversations with a beloved one to building your successful career.

3. Memory.

On the surface, shooting games are very simple – you just take a gun and fire at opponents. But to be a really successful player, you should remember lots of things, such as map details, weapon features, hero characteristics, some game tricks, etc.

Well-developed memory is a nice tool for being efficient in your day-by-day life – there can be no doubts about this.

4. Improvisation.

Multiplayer matches are full of unpredictable situations – you never know what other players will do at a particular moment. Game levels in a single-player mode try to offer you something unusual, to make you act clever and creatively. The more you practice such improvisations, the better you become in them.

We need to improvise in the real world while dealing with other people, while accomplishing our work or studying tasks. How well do you deal with unpredictability of the outer Universe?

pubg the a team

Do you have what it takes to dominate that battle fields of “PUBG”?

5. Communication skills.

It isn’t possible to succeed in multiplayer shooting games without coordinated actions of teammates. Where to put all the efforts at this particular moment? Which role will be playing every guy on the team? Only active communication can give the answers. Even if you play for the first time with some people, you have to speak with them and listen to them.

The ability to communicate with different people in various situations is very significant for living in our society. Team shooters develop it. Also, they give the power to handle some unfriendly vibrations…

6. Dealing with real values.

Games nowadays are not separated from the real world but complement it. Items from many virtual universes get their value in dollars, players buy and sell them. It’s not only about the prospect of doing a profitable business on this. It’s rather about giving gamers a stronger motivation to play this particular game. For example, there are some decent platforms for trading various in-game items, such as CS:GO skins (DMarket, or Steam Community Market They offer direct experience of dealing with valuable objects, of getting revenue from invested time and efforts.

Playing games is only a part of our life. To succeed in shooting games, you should put lots of efforts into developing your skills. Then you get some more-less valuable objects out of this and learn how things work in this particular market, and thereafter – in many other layers of “business” world. It’s quite a practical skill, don’t you think?

7. Satisfy the curiosity towards shooting.

The main problem of shooters is their very core – players kill other virtual characters with weapons in hands. At the same time, games are not the reason for the people’s interest in shooting. This is something from our depths, and many children tend to play with toy guns…

Let them play these games enough in virtuality and never touch real guns, see only virtual blood and never experience horrors of real shootings.

csgo my love gun

Team work is very important in FPS games like “CS:GO”, because that’s what makes the difference from winning or losing a match.

Of course, not all the gamers like shooting games – and that’s totally OK. But if you really enjoy them, make this experiences work for you!

Do you agree with the items on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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