If your parents think keeping your eyes glued to TV is counter-productive to your studies, ask them to think again after having gone through this post. Because I am going to share with you the list of some inspiring movies for students. These blockbuster hits revolve around success by struggle.

Not only do they serve as an excellent pastime, but also a source for students to draw inspiration. If you may have a tight schedule to allow yourself to watch a movie, worry not as you can alternatively get benefitted from pre-written college essay samples that you have at your fingertips.

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is, and will remain one of the best motivational movies for students for many good reasons. Will is brimming with potential and talent but his self-loathing nature keeps him engaged in a self-destructive practice of blaming his upbringing for his failures.

Credit to Professor Gerald Lambeau at the institution where Will chooses to serve as a Janitor, who helps Will discover himself and find his way to success. The movie bears a profound message for the students whose lack of confidence bars their potential.

The Social Network

facebooks homepage

“The Social Network” is a pretty darn good movie about how Facebook came to be.

Even though the story of this movie touches multiple themes, the main extract is the interplay between passion and success. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg becomes the youngest billionaire of his time following the success of his, then, the unique idea of ‘social networking. The movie encourages students to stick to their ideas and have a firm belief in their potential. Success would ultimately come on their way!

The Blind Side

Watching this movie can be an eye-opening experience for the students who tend to lose their interest in studies without ever trying to discover the reasons. A misfit is the most dominant factor in many such cases.

The character of Michael Oher depicts a student blind to his skills until his legal guardian awakens him to his hidden potential waiting to be unleashed. Finally, he emerges as an excellent student as well as a football player.

Freedom Writers

Artistically built around the ambitious (may appear over-ambitious in the beginning) character of Hilary Swank, a dedicated teacher, Freedom Writers is the story of passion-driven success. The at-risk students gain motivation from her inspirational pedagogical techniques.

Her ideas slowly guide the students away from perilous conditions, which she first receives them in, to a path of steady growth and learning. The movie highlights the role of inspiration when you have to weather through inescapable hindrances (which can be more frequent than one can imagine) as a student.

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society is one of the movies on studying that have received resounding acclaim. It depicts an English teacher, who is confident of his unorthodox-yet-effective ways of teaching.

With a focus on poetry, he engages the student in unconventional activities despite knowing at the back of his mind how it can make him an object of criticism among his peers and campus authorities. The movie ends leaving a moral lesson that it’s never harmed in trying new things if they can presumably boost your learning process.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The movie sets Will Smith as an example of how an untiring struggle and solidity of commitment can turn the tide. Smith, as a single father, badly needed money to feed him and his only son, but his number of efforts to find a decent job goes in vain.

He could have secured better chances of success with his job-hunt by consulting with some professional resume writing service providers, as a CV that speaks for itself can set one apart from other applicants. On the whole, the movie remains an excellent source of inspiration for students.

Legally Blonde

This comedy film, partially about studying, keeps the audience in grip by showing the heights that a person can rise to once seized by a passion to prove his mettle.

Elle Woods, a blonde student, embarks on a pursuit to take her lost boy-friend back who parts his way with her by mistaking her light-hearted nature for lack of capability. The movie has much to offer the students about the role of commitment in paving the path to success.

School of Rock

The story is about an overly enthusiastic guitarist who fights against the odds after being kicked out by his band. His continuous struggle makes him reemerge as a great guitarist. The story is the reiteration of the old adage “failure is the first step to success”.

Lean on Me

Lean on Me is the story of wisdom, shedding light on speaking one’s minds though it may not resonate with the majority. Unpopular actions and decisions of a controversially appointed principle help the image of a school rise from the ashes.

Students may replicate the same firm determination in their studies as well as in their professional careers. They may have to frequently face raised eyebrows and taunts that they should not allow to unnerve them as they march along their chosen path.

Theory of Everything

theory of everything

“The Theory of Everything” movie is a rather deep, fascinating and interesting movie about the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.

The last one that I am going to share may sound unfamiliar to some but only until I name “Stephen Hawking” – one who broke grounds in astrophysics defying all odds and afflictions.

Incredible as it may sound, he does not let his lethal disease of motor neurons stop him from his discoveries. The diseases cut his life, limit his moves, but fail to restrain him from his mission of life.

The students, especially those with their lives cramp full of hardships, may draw inspiration from the success of Hawking. Motivation mainly relates to how scientists:

– Fights against his illness

– Prevents fear of death from overwhelming him

– Makes outstanding discoveries despite being in the grip of a neuron   disease

– Sets a living example of defying the odds

Forrest Gump

The story of this movie is also similar to what we see in “Theory of Everything” – a constant struggle despite natural disabilities. The protagonist is slow-witted but his optimism is exemplary that makes him stand out by reaching out to everything to ensure his success beyond the limits imposed by his handicap.

According to experts from https://perfectessay.com, if you already have enough on your plate, or appear to have no taste for movies, you may still have an enormous supply of inspiration and motivation from the list above. The movies that I have recommended can prove to be game-changing for the students.

Inspiration and motivation are vehicles of commitment and success. The examples set by protagonists and the way they carved their path around nerve-wracking troubles can serve as ultimate guidelines for you.

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