So you have gone for some time and you remember that you played a weird game when you were still in school where you killed cows and mined coal hour after hour.  After you log in you wonder whether or not it is the same game?

Don’t worry, it’s still the very same Runescape that you used to know and love, with just a couple of awesome and new things that have been added!  I will be covering the top 10 things that returning players to try to get themselves immersed back into the game once more.

10. Check your kingdom

The main reason why this is number 10 is because it many not apply to everybody.  However, it is likely that a majority of people have invested some money into it and done the quest at some point. If you have been gone for a while, your workers have busily been gathering the items that you set out for them and that could result in there being a couple of million coins at the current prices.  For easy access, just grab a charge wealth ring and rub it to teleport to Miscellania.

If you would like to get started with it, the quest that you need to get completed is “Kingdom Miscellania.” It is a very basic management simulation with not a lot of input required for some of the more decent rewards that are available.

9. Visit Solomon’s store

This is the core of the microtransaction feature on Runescape and the central focus for many people’s unhappiness with RS3. However, it does provide a lot of free upgrades and cosmetic items sometimes for members like bank slot upgrades that can be very handy for anybody no matter what your attitude might be about cash shops.

8. Check the loyalty shop out

If you were subscribed to Runescape for a fair amount of time after leaving, then most likely you have loyalty points that have been building up.  Currently those points are the only way you can purchase auras, which are greatly beneficial to those skills that they affect.  In order to open a loyalty shop you just need to pay a guy call Xuan in Burthrope.

I strongly recommend dark magic, penance, and jack of trades for general purpose auras. If you are specifically feeling like you would like to train a certain skills then get the aura that relates to it.  Some of the best skilling auras include five-finger discount and greenfingers.

Whatever you do, don’t buy vampyrism.  The effect per hit is capped at 50 hp since it wasn’t ever updated with a new hp pool since the release of EoC.  It is very obvious that 50 hp out of 9,900 isn’t very significant.

7. Combat academy

Depending on the amount of time you have been away, you might or might not have already done this. However, it is such a good place that it is a little higher on the list and you might want to do repeat the process for a refresher even if you already completed it.

Basically it just teaches the current combat system’s fundamentals in a few brief tutorials as a way to give you tons of experience at the end of awarding boos (just talk to her after you finish the training) in all combat-related skills (including herblore, prayer and summoning) and it scales with your level as well.

Also, she offers free training dummies that you can practice your skills with.  They last forever and can be customized to change what their weaknesses are and there is also a wide range of other configuration options that are available like forcing the dummy to take maximum damage on every hit or for it to retaliate.

6. Daily challenges

It came out with Evolution of Combat, which is a big combat overhaul. It provides you with a new task each day (maximum of t) that award you with experienced in a related skill.  There are various challenges that at times will take you from the training method that you prefer, however the experience that you are rewarded with usually is worth the time that you spend.

In addition to the experience you also are given a treasure hunter key that gives you possibilities for even more experience.  If you handed in any items, (Shieldbows, for example, for a fletching challenge), then you will be rewarded with a mystery bag containing items that are about equal in value, which effective make it a free challenge.

If the challenge you are given is one that you don’t like (some don’t reward a lot of xp or aren’t very fun) then you can potentially re-roll a challenge one time using vis wax.  However, if you do like the challenge, it can be extended twofold by using vis wax in order to receive double of the reward.

5. Diversions and distractions

Often called “D&Ds,” they are activities that usually are limited to monthly, weekly, or daily lockouts and nearly always reward a great deal of experience relative to the amount of time that is invested, with monthly ones providing the most, and daily only providing the least. You might recognize some of them since they have existed for quite some time in the game.

They are really good ways of reducing the monotony of training some slower skills and at times the extra rewards in addition to the experience can be fairly good.

There are the mini-games contained in the same interface also. They give specific rewards out from their own tables, with some of them being outdated and some of them being useful. However, the main draw is the thaler system, which is the universal mini-game currency that you are given for playing any mini-game (and when playing the one on the spotlight at 5x the rate).

4. Quests

Over the months or years that you were away, probably there will have been a whole string of quests that have been released since then. A majority of the recently released quotes not only grant a great deal of useful items and experience, but they also provide you with treasure hunter keys which are fun.

If you happen to be a lorehound then all of the new stories will keep you interested for quite a long time. Even if you aren’t crazy of questing, there are a couple that unlock some very useful things such as Plague’s End.

3. Check the new skills out

Depending on how long you have been gone, most likely your stat sheet will have one or two brand new level 1 skills.  They are invention and divination. Both of these are quite powerful and have many useful items in their respective skills. You just need to known that an 80 level in divination, crafting, and smithing is required by invention before you can level since it has an “elite” skill classification.

Divination basics

Divination is a combined artisan skill and gathering skill, and that means that you gather up a resource (energy) and make it into many useful things simultaneously.

Items that can be made include pocket-slot items that banks certain resources automatically like ore and fish, skilling locations where a big chunk of experience is granted and resource for limited duration and an item that can help to protect you against dying… one time.  You could also visit Food4RS and get this all faster.

2. Join a Friendschat/Clan

I am not going to pretend that I know all of the small details about Runescape. It would be completely arrogant of me, to say the least  However, much of what I do happen to know has been taught me by my clan mates; many different types of people play the game and many of them have different interests in the game, with some of them getting to the point where they become certified experts within that specific area.

Obviously having access to the wealth of information is a great advantage for returning players.  They can even be referred to this articles to see if anything needs to be corrected or added.

I joined the can via the Runescape forums. Just scroll down until you see the clan section and choose a subforum that is suited for your style of play the best.  I looked in the 100+ one since I love doing PvM and slayer, so I flicked through some of the threads quickly to see if any of them caught my attention.

After you find one that you like, a good thing to do is first join the clan chat as a guest so that you can get a general feeling of to see if it is what you are searching for.  A majority of clans have their guest channels open and welcome guests.

It is very easy to join a Clan chat, after you now what the clan’s ae is, just click on the chat tab for guest clan and then click the join button.  After the dialogue box has popped up just type in the name and press enter, then all you need to do is say hi.

It is the exact same process that a friend’s chat uses, you simply click on the table that has the blue person that is behind the green one and then go through the exact same process.

In addition to the obvious community benefits, the actual clan can also give you material gains. Some of a clan’s higher ranked plays are able to summon an avatar granting 3%increase experience in nearly anything that you do so long as you are in the same world they are. If you are close to the avatar you are given a 6% increase.  Not every clan can do this, but usually it is specified within the recruitment threat the number (if any) that they have available.

There is a clan citadel as well which offers skilling areas.  Some of them are great for training some skills in a manner that is more relaxed and some even save you money (summoning, crafting). Skilling inside of the citadel benefits the clan s well, and if you do enough of this each week you get awarded with more experience from the clan cloak.

Also, the quartermaster grants you a large chunk of bonus experience within your skill of choice (these are limited to skills trained within the citadel).

1. Customize your interface

Although some people might not like the new interface, practically and objectively it is head and shoulders above the old one.  The amount of customization that is provides you with is incredible.  However, don’t be scared off by it.  It is actually very easy to do.

There is too much to cover in an article, so currently I am working on a video guide which will show everybody how to get the most from the new interface. It should be out in a few days.

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