What is Minecraft?

“Minecraft” is an open world type construction game, in which the player can create and destroy different types of blocks…The skin is a .png file, which you can edit in various ways. There are download programs or editors for those used to image processing. However, for those who do not have a darn idea, and simply want to create a cool skin without further complications, the best option is online skin editors. Are you looking for how to make “Minecraft” skins? They are free, they are fast, and above all, they are practical =) And you got a lot of cool examples that you can try out on skins4minecraft.com

minecraft skin

The very first step of how to make skins for “Minecraft”, is simply to buy the game itself.

We have tried several, and although we will be talking about others, we must say that for a newcomer, my absolute recommendation is the skin editor of Minecraft skins. You see, for knowing how to make your own “Minecraft” skin selection of body parts and layers. It is very useful to isolate the arm, head, or whatever part, to be able to paint the interior parts, which are not seen in static, but when the character moves. When you’re more seasoned, you can start doing postures and change the background for the photo in other skins editors. Nevertheless, for now, we’re going with what we got (everything that I stated above), and that should be more than enough.

minecraft colors

This is another important step to take while making skins for “Minecraft”.

How do you make a “Minecraft” skin?

These are the steps to follow, exemplified by a server becoming the Eoghan skin with which he always plays Minecraft.

minecraft skin model

This is what a “Minecraft” skin model looks like.

1. Upload or edit a skin model

When you enter the editor, you see the template naked without a single pixel. So if you want to create it from scratch, it will be a good time, and more if it is your first time. The best thing is to work with a ready-made model and modify it to your liking.

minecraft change skin

This is how you change the skin in “Minecraft”.

This you can do it in two ways:

You look in Skindex the skin that you like the most, and you give EDIT SKIN. If you already have a model made, or have found/downloaded it in another “Minecraft” skins website that you like more, you can also upload it in an instant from the same editor. Using a base model is ideal for beginners:

– You learn from successful jobs of others
– Discover different ways of making eyes, noses, mouths, hair, muscles, etc.
– You finish much earlier. Nothing despicable, especially if you do not spare the time you spend on “Minecraft”.

2. Work your skin through parts

When you see the guy in front of you, you’ll want to start touching it up as if it were a painting, and no: it’s a three-dimensional image. So to be able to access all the pixels well, it is best to work in parts. This means by layers, and by body parts. The first thing is to choose between BODY and OVERLAY; that is, the body, or the outer layer (the one that in the game occupies the armour). So if you work one, deactivate the view of the other, because it hinders. Activate it only to check the effect.

3. Modify and qualify the “Minecraft” skin

Now it only remains to convert that template into your own custom “Minecraft” skin. We did a couple of tests of clothing tones for the shirt, and finally. We decided on a very “medieval” grey.

– On the basis of a single color, add pixels of a color a little lighter or a little darker (with the buttons of the upper bar, or moving you through the color palette).

– Add these pixels by following the muscular lines, the clothes, the hair … not in a “gridded” way, but as natural as possible. We applied this especially to clothes, wristbands and kilt, and hair and beard, which darkened and grey with a touch of grey.

So with that said, I hope that this guide will be of help for you when you try to create some awesome skins in “Minecraft” =)

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James D. Nagel

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