I was just informed that (thanks cj_iwakura and Lion!) BlazBlue: Central Fiction´s dub “might” be quietly killed off by Arc System Works (the game was released in the Japanese Arcades last year in November). And from what I´ve seen so far, it leans more towards being the truth than anything else. As neither Arc System Works, Aksys Games (Aksys once handled BlazBlue´s overseas localizations, but not anymore) nor Strangely Compelling (SC will handle the localization of “BlazBlue: Central Fiction” in the West) wants to comment on the matter (I will try to reach out to ACW for an answer myself).

is blazblue central fictions dub is quietly being killed off

It would be really sad if there would be no English dubs for “BlazBlue: Central Fiction” in the West.


patrick seitz voice of ragna

It sure doesn´t look good when neither Patrick Seitz (voice of Ragna) nor Cristina Vee
(the voice of Noel) hasn´t heard a single word from Arc System Works.

I truly hope that this isn´t the case though. As it would be a great disappointment for the “BlazBlue” fanbase in the West, and since “BlazBlue: Central Fiction” is set for a release on the 6th of October in Japan (PS3 and PS4). The time is running short for a potential Western dub project (BB:CF is said to be released this Fall in the West). Nevertheless, I will do my very best to find out if “BlazBlue: Central Fiction” will get a Western dub or not.



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27 Comments ON " Is BlazBlue: Central Fiction´s dub being quietly k... "
  • Dgnfly

    I’m ok with it not getting a western dub. cause in the long run it would save the publishers loads of money for a niche title. Kinda wish more japanese publishers would follow this so we can just get the best possible voice acting.

    • DividedSeraph

      The real problem here is the lack of transparency. ArcSys and Aksys are clearly avoiding the subject.

      • J.j. Barrington

        Avoiding it how?

        • DividedSeraph

          Check the article? We’ve been asking for ArcSys and Aksys to confirm or respond. They haven’t.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Well, no offense, but who are you that they should even HAVE to respond?

          • DividedSeraph

            A consumer. A customer. A fan. We’re the reason those companies exist.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Are you a consumer? A customer? A fan? What do they know about you? Are they certain you actually care about buying?

            Or do you come off as one of the millions of trolls in the world? How many times do you think devs get non-serious inquiries? How often do you think they get contacted by “journalists” just looking to make a big deal out of nothing?

          • DividedSeraph

            When many, many fans are asking these questions, I don’t see the harm in dignifying them with an answer. The alternative makes them seem like they just don’t care. (Which is probably the case.)

          • J.j. Barrington

            This article is literally the only thing I’ve seen even HINTING at it. You must have access to some direct line to this “many” that no on knows about.

          • DividedSeraph

            I’ve contacted everyone in the media I can think of. But check twitter, see who’s been tweeting. It’s not a HUGE DEAL, but people are asking. https://twitter.com/Seitz_Unseen/status/756550456034201600 https://twitter.com/itscompelling/status/757638601987399680

      • Dgnfly

        Most likely for the minute backlash that might happen but idoubt it most gamers who paly these games are pretty hardcore so they’ll take the game any way they can.
        And i doubt the casual gamer would buy this fighting game much consdering nearly every year there is a new release.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Uh, no… BB’s dubs have always been good, and while I may sometimes prefer the original, I never turn down a decent dub.

      What does the game being niche have to do with anything?

      • Dgnfly

        Ya but you gotta see it from a business standpoint its more cheaper for a game of this type to release as 1 language only and considering japanese is alrdy there is see no reason to make extra cost.

        The fact that its a Niche game has everything to do with the fact its not a mainstream game so many Niche and hardcore gamers would buy it anyways and english dub is mostly there to attract so called casual gamers.

        • J.j. Barrington

          From a business standpoint, trying to pull in casuals in such a costly way rarely ever turns out to be worth it.

    • I honestly have no idea how much it costs to fix an English dub of that kind, nor how many pre-orders Arc System Works has received so far. Well, couldn´t they throw a Kickstarter campaign or something like that then?

      • Dgnfly

        I do agree it would be a better idea to do a kickstarter, but would there be enough fans for it considering Western voice acting can cost between 200.000/500.000 bucks so not all that cheap for a niche game.

        Some companies refuse to do so considering Xseed refuses to do so for japanese dub on YS,

        • Christ! I had no idea that it was that expensive :S I do recall that “incident” yes. However, I don´t remember the outcome of it all. Well, it makes more sense to me now that I know the price for dubbed voice overs. So I guess that Kickstarter would be the only option in this case…

          • Dgnfly

            Price could be lower but then you’d expect horrible english dub in return.
            150.000 was basicly the price for escaflowns english dub but its been said that voice acting in gaming is the more expensive one of the too. especially with heavy dialogue games kinda explains why some japanese games get partial english dub while japanese audio is more extensive..

          • Ah ha, I see. So I guess that it would be a good idea to run a Kickstarter campaign for something like that then?

          • No. I’d rather not see game publishers graduate from making us pay for dual audio into making us fund it when they could make the money from sales in the first place.

            BlazBlue IS very dialogue heavy but they should be eating the cost and be focused on the highest quality product.

          • Okay? But people keep telling me that it´s a nich market, so there is no money for such a thing?

          • I’m not saying there is no money for it.

            There is money for it like there is money for gaming console services like PSN+ on PS4 or Xbox Live which charge money for online (not that it is similarly niche) and we’ve seen some games like FFXIII and Drakengard 3 charge for it, but they also charge for the true endings of stories.

            Voice work is something that we see smaller publishers fund, even in cases where it means dual audio like Zero Time Dilemma. It may be stubborn on my part, but I’d rather wait for a mod or a rerelease which adds more content than set the precedent of them charging us money which will almost definitely go the way of the online pass in exploitation.

            I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that BlazBlue much like FUNimation with Escalflowne shouldn’t be asking for handouts to do dual audio for this project.

          • I understand. Nevertheless, It’s not really my area of expertise though. However, Dgnfly seems to know quite a lot about this matter: http://thegg.net/articles/is-blazblue-central-fictions-dub-being-quietly-killed-off/#comment-2823888230

          • (Sorry for replying to you instead of Dgnfly, but it has been nearly a month so I’d feel like a jerk chasing him now)

            Dgnfly has a point, but I’d wager neither of us are experts in the field.

            Regardless, I’ll tackle the basic ideas he proposed. I do think he has a point that dubs have costs, but common sense dictates that you eat those costs. It isn’t just the expectation of a dub thanks to everything main series from Calamity Trigger to FUNimation’s dub of the anime (which had largely the same cast!) and now. It is that plenty of people decide to not pick up a game (more so anime but yeah) of a new series which doesn’t have a dub.

            150K wasn’t the cost of a new dub for Escaflowne at all. FUNimation state on their Kickstarter in the FAQ “Think of this Kickstarter as more of a way to gauge interest.” in response to “Why fund a dub through Kickstarter? Does Funimation not have the funds to create this dub?” If you look at the page, they do contextualise it with how it is unusual for them to go back and redub series but it comes across as a dishonest way to market the series more and cash in on preorders. FUNimation already had the rights to the series, already planned to do releases (which would likely have some added dub work since they almost always do dual audio even for streamed anime).

            Their Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/funimationprod/the-vision-of-escaflowne-a-new-hd-dub-for-the-clas/description

            We don’t know the exact costs of voice work being recorded and assuming that the main cast remained the same, it would mean that BlazBlue would mostly need new voicework for the story which I hear is getting more linear (at the least, it isn’t per character like CS2) with recent instalments.

          • No problem =) Nope, especially not me 😛 Ah, I understand. Thanks for the info =) I´ll guess that we just have to wait and see how it all turns out in the end then?

  • Jordan Campbell

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