Gaming experience with a high-quality audio producing system gets your eyes ultimately glued to the screen. Logitech company, purely understand this.

Hence, for you, they now have one of the most versatile, easy-to-use gaming headset with premium features you’ve been longing for. It is a package of high-end design which guarantees top-class performance any time anywhere.

On this page, we have uttermost details regarding this model and why it should be your next go-to.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Product description
Logitech G933 is super cool hardware featuring noticeably large ear cups, fully supported by its thick headband pillars, indicating how durable it can be. Its headband consists of a highly flexible plastic material that expands to comfortable accommodate varied head sizes.

Under the headband is a quality foam covered in a soft cloth creating comfortable padding, which ensures you remain comfortable throughout a long gaming session. Fortunately, not even its more significant rival, Corsair’s Void Pro offers such relaxing comfort.

Talking of high flexibility, I must say this model offers nothing less than just that. Its design allows for ninety degrees rotation of the ear cups hence making it an easy to fold model especially when it comes to storage. The backside of each of these cups opens to reveal the replaceable battery as well as the USB dongle.

This opening does not require any unique technique; you can certainly do it by yourself in case you need to replace the battery.

About the earpads, they are removable parts consisting of quality foam and textured cloth material. I prefer such. Leather materials only cause excess sweating as for its low breathability.

However, they are very best especially for noise canceling. One bit I think Logitech missed while packaging their G933 model is including a spare set for replacement purposes. Sometimes, it’s very tricky to find original parts to replace.

On its left earcup, the G933 model comes with RGB lighting, which spans the sides of the cup, showing the different control buttons. Each of these buttons come in different shapes.

By mastering which shape represents what command, then you wouldn’t have to remove the entire headset to confirm which one you press.

Instead, you will only feel them and press. Some people may take time to do such mastering, though. One fact I haven’t liked about this model is the highly susceptible volume wheel. Just with a slight accidental knock, it either increases or decreases volume.

That means you have to be careful while leaning back on your chair. You might knock it without knowing.

When it comes to charging this device, all you need is a wired connection. It comes with a Micro USB port through which you can connect a 3.5mm jack and get it charging. The 3.5mm specification allows for compatibility.

The Logitech G933 is not only for listening but taking too. You can chat with your gaming partners, make phone calls, and Skype via the device’s special highly-effective microphone. Whether in noisy environment it will only pick more of what you say and not surrounding noises.

Key features and specifications:

Quality Sound Experience: The Logitech G933 does not miss out on anything when it comes to production of immersive audio.  It uses advanced Pro-GTM audio drivers, which delivers incredible sound featuring stereo, 7.1 DTS Headphone: X Surround or Sound7.1 Dolby Surround.

Multi-platform Compatibility: This device is highly compatible with all your other devices; PCs, PS4s, PS3s, or the Xbox One. It as well effectively functions with any TV model with powered USB or RCA audio output.

Connection: This device supports 2.4GHz wireless and wired connections.  In its wireless mode, it can operate up to 12 hours non-stop due to its batteries’ long life – that is when lighting is off. Otherwise, it would take up to 8 hours. For unlimited connectivity, you can have it charge while operating.

Bluetooth connection for this device works within a 20m radius. However, it might not be precisely that in an area with several rooms and corners.

Audio mixing: For this, this device offers multiple blends. It can support connection to up to 3 devices whereby one is USB and the other two analogs. Thus, you can play music while gaming or receive calls while gaming.

Fully Customizable: The G9333 comes with a range of customizable options. These include:

Customizable RGB lighting

Swappable backlit custom tags

Three programmable G-keys which helps assign macros for every complex game commands

+ Quality audio
+ Comfortable
+ Durable
+ Highly customizable
+ Great compatibility

– Fiddly controls
– Lacks extra ear pads

Should I consider the Logitech G933 for my gaming?

Logitech G933 is one of the desirable headsets many consider for gaming purposes. Out of its cool, classy looks, the excellently designed gaming asset is one that features some of the best features you would want for your best gaming headset.

The Pro-GTM audio drivers offer quality audio with clarity of bass mids and highs. Its clamping is excellent and its padding better than those of its rivalry competitors like the Razer’s Man O’War.

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Despite all these better feature qualities, the design still can’t miss oversight flaws. From its category of selection, the G9333 is among the models with the battery with the lowest life. Also, some of its controls are fiddly.

Volume control, for instance on a slight accidental knock it can quickly increase or reduce the volume. If you don’t feel bothered by any of these flaws you can go ahead and buy this device. Otherwise, there are still other better options you may want to consider.


Ever, the best hardware for any of your gaming purposes needs to bear not only excellent design but also features enhancing more exceptional performance.

Logitech G933 can be that dream asset that will spice up your game and saves you money out of its excellent durability.

The multipurpose headset is best for all users who want to have an immersed sound experience. It offers a perfect fit and user-friendly operatives which makes it quite outstanding as one of the excellent quality gaming headsets you can have.

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