I was certain that Nintendo’s E3 presentation was going to be good, but I didn’t expect much from them. I only anticipated them to cover Nintendo Switch games coming out this year with little surprises to be seen. Nevertheless, It turns out as if there was some news that took me by surprise.

Starting off with Monolith’s sequel to “Xenoblade Chronicles” (for the Wii and New Nintendo 3DS) “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” (Holiday 2017) is the next open-world JRPG that follows the characters Rex and Pyra the Blade, unique beings that grants power to their Drivers. More Blades can be found and bonded with throughout the search for Elysium, the Ultimate Paradise. Explore different biomes found on colossal beasts known as Titans, where remnants of civilizations reside. The Battle Art System is also in this installment but builds from the previous Xenoblade games to make battles more accessible.

The brand-new “Kirby” game (working title, 2018) for the Nintendo Switch will be an HD Kirby platformer with some returning elements and new features. Players can recruit three enemies as helpers by hitting them with hearts, which can be either computer or human controlled (up to four players). Copy abilities will also be back and in addition to that they can imbue with different elements given by helpers for more attack power, unleashing powerful attacks, or to solve puzzles.

It’s been at least a week since the Pokémon Direct (as of writing) and “Pokkén Tournament DX” (September 22) has a highlight and a tournament at E3. “Pokkén Tournament DX” will have new fighters added to the roster with brand-new support Pokémon as well. And of course there will be different ways to play Pokkén, such as handheld mode, table mode with two horizontal Joy-Cons, and TV mode. Another new feature added to the game is Replay Mode, allowing you to record and share your battles. During the highlight, Tsunekazu Ishihara (Pokémon’s producer) announced that there will be a core Pokémon RPG coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The next surprise has “Metroid Prime 4” (working title, under development) coming to the Nintendo Switch. It will be returning the first-person Adventure genre that the Prime series is known for, telling a brand-new story that will tie together the events of the Metroid Prime Universe (might include “Federation Force”). The project is being led by Kensuke Tanabe with a new development team that will work on bringing the action, isolation, and exploration of the “Metroid Prime” saga on the console.

A remake of “Metroid: Samus Returns” (September 15) has also been announced for a Nintendo 3DS release. This remake, development by MercurySteam Entertainment, will be completely remade with 3D visuals and an atmospheric color palette along with new gameplay features. Furthermore, some of the brand-new mechanics will include abilities that use a mysterious energy resource called “Aeion,” (which is a powerful melee counterattack, and 360-degree Free Aim Mode (for accurate precision).

There will also be secrets to uncover, including the mystery of Planet SR388’s past (hopefully, we won’t run into the X Parasite). The soundtrack will be composed by two of “Super Metroid”’s composers, which can be found on the CD that will come with the “Metroid: Samus Returns Special Edition” package. As for amiibo functionality, previous Samus figures will be compatible, and new Samus Aran and Metroid amiibo figures will be around as well.

Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch” (working title, 2018) is the next platformer starring Yoshi in another bizarrely cute game. Players will travel along stages that looks like a miniature diorama with each course having a main path and a hidden one, having different views and surprises to find. Yoshi can also aim at the background and foreground to take care of obstacles or take out enemies. Furthermore, the game will feature simultaneous 2-player co-op so friends and family can join as well.

Fire Emblem Warriors”’ (Fall 2017) currently have Marth (Fire Emblem), Corrin (FE Fates), Xander (FE Fates), and Chrome (FE Awakening) as featured heroes but more will be announced later. Since the team behind “Hyrule Warriors” is behind “FE Warriors” the gameplay will be similar, but with a few different features. Two heroes can be paired as a single unit to unleash combos and can be switched during mid-attack. The Weapons Triangle is also in this game, so choosing and switching between heroes will give you an advantage in combat.

Briefly going over amiibo functionality in “Skyrim” a few Zelda items can be unlocked in the game, including the Master Sword (I wonder if Soul Gems are required to have it super powered). The amiibo figures used for this functionality can even come from past series, including the 30th Anniversary and Super Smash Bros figures.

the legend of zelda breath of the wild expansion pass nintendo e3 2017

Will you overcome the Trail of the Sword?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will have its Expansion Pass for sale this year. The first pack coming out is The Master Trails (June 30). A major addition of this pack is the Trail of the Sword, a 45 room survival challenge. Completing this trail will have the Master Sword awakened to always be in its glowing, powered-up state while usable. The pack will also have the Hero’s Path to track and watch the last 200 hours of your journey on the map, the Travel Medallion to register your current location as a fast travel point, the Korok Mask that shakes around hidden Korok, armor based on characters from past games, and Master Mode to offer a higher difficulty and challenging enemy encounters.

the legend of zelda breath of the wild is the champions ballad nintendo e3 2017

The Champions’ Ballad will hopefully add more to the four than what we learn in Breath of the Wild.

Pack 2 for “Breath of the Wild” is The Champions’ Ballad (Holiday 2017). This will add challenges of a new dungeon and an original story. More details will appear as its release comes closer, but it can be suspected that it will involve events from 100 years before Link’s awakening in the Resurrection Shrine and that it will have a connection with the Champions. Speaking of champions there will be new “Breath of the Wild” amiibo figures based on Mipha,Daruk,Revali, and Urbosa.

Mario + Rabidds Kingdom Battle” (August 29) is a bizarre crossover that seems to play similarly to the “Shadowrun” strategy RPGs. It’s a strategy adventure where Mario and friends try to get the Mushroom Kingdom back in order with a cast of Rabidds based on our heroes. In this game, you can explore four iconic worlds filled with chests, secrets, puzzles, and unpredictable enemies. It will have turn-based gameplay with 250 plus weapons with unique statistics to choose from. There will also be additional co-op challenges with a friend in local multiplayer.

The Action Sports game with flying cars “Rocket League” (Holiday 2017) will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. With more than 100 billion customization combinations, there will be exclusive console Customization Items and Battle-Cars. Nevertheless, the best news that came to light is Cross-Network Play, allowing Switch players to compete against Xbox One and PC users.

Super Mario Odyssey” (October 27) is bringing back the sandbox gameplay and letting players explore huge 3D kingdoms to find secrets and surprises, such as costumes and interactions with the environments. With Cappy, the sentient hat on top of Mario’s head, Mario can cap throw, cap jump, and capture. Capture will allow Mario to possess and take control of objects and enemies, even a tank or T-Rex. Players can visit new locales and run into familiar friends (like Pauline) and foes as they save Princess Peach fromBowser’s wedding plans. Along with the game Wedding Mario, Peach, and Bowser amiibo figures will be released.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga” (Game Boy Advance) will also be getting the remake treatment as “Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions” (October 6) for the Nintendo 3DS. This remake will update its presentation but the simultaneous controls and Bros. Moves will be returning. There will also be a new story in the game, “Minion Quest”. As Captain Goomba you guide your team of minions with a brand-new battle system to rescue Bowser in a story that takes place during Mario and Luigi’s adventure as behind-the-scenes events.

In overall Nintendo’s E3 presentation was good, covering games (and DLC) coming out this year with some newly announced details. There were also some noteworthy surprises such as “Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga”’s remake and the announcement of a Pokémon RPG coming to the Nintendo Switch (after the commotion of a lack thereof on one from the Pokémon Direct).

However, the biggest announcements that came out of Nintendo were the “Metroid” games. Not only are we getting two games from the franchise (a detail I was wrong about in my Metroid article) but these games will be a “Metroid Prime” and a remake of Samus Returns remaining in 2D (with 3D functionality). It’s a shame that AM2R was slapped with a DMCA, but then it’s great to see Samus Aran officially coming back, and she’s starting to look like her old self again.

And with that said, what games are you excited for? And what announcements caught you by surprise? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Robin Ek – Editor

Nintendo | E3 2017: Day 1
Nintendo | E3 2017: Day 2

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