As we move forward, the world of online gaming has shown some staggering growth numbers in the past decade, and that has made us to wonder what really has contributed to this growth. So that’s when we came up with some interesting insights to share with you, which has contributed to the growth of online gaming industry.

According to a recent report by statista the whole online gaming market in 2015 was around 1.7 trillion, which has increase to 400 billion and would reach around $2.14 trillion by 2020, now that’s something to boast about when taking in consideration the growth of online gaming, and some key areas which I observed for this kind of growth includes social gaming, strategy gaming, real-time gaming, casino types gaming and many more to take online gaming world to next level in coming decade.

online games

Online games have been a huge business for many years now.

So come on folks without any further delay let’s hop on to take a look at some factors below which has led to online gaming growth in recent years.

1. Widespread availability of cheap internet

With the availability of high-speed Internet to people across the world at cheap rates has definitely contributed to the rise of online gaming sector, as people are now able to play their favorite online multiplayer games which demands high-speed internet access and lots of data synchronization to run smoothly in multiplayer modes easily. Now days you can even get free internet access in public places too from libraries to multi cuisines cafes, which serve delicious grilled food on best electric grill along with free Wi-Fi access at top speed to play games without any interruption while having scrumptious meals to eat at one place.

Not to forget that companies like Nokia, Ericson, etc. are constantly working to make the Internet faster with the development of advanced technologies like 4G, 5G, etc. while on the other hands telecom giants like reliance, Vodafone, etc. are making the high-speed data available to consumers at insanely low-cost to make this world a fully connected place.

So as the network speed and number of Internet consumers will increase, game developers will also strive to make games more immersive and interactive for gamers across the world in coming year.

2. Adoptions of creative monetization methods

In the early 2000 when the online gaming was still in its nascent stage the monetization methods were very limited, which included purchasing games and playing them and to pay them. So it was yet another level of hard work as it involved registering your credit cards online then adding the funds in your game account and starting the game but as the time passed and new technologies came into existence, and many people got their hands-on electronic currency like credit cards, debit cards, bitcoins, etc. purchasing and playing these online games has become easy.

Moreover, now days many online gaming sites and platforms has started accepting bitcoins also to bring more gamers on board for E.g. Many real-time casino games sites are accepting bit coins and popular platform like steam also accepts bit coins for payments for buying and playing games.

Yet another factor to discuss here is that gaming studios have started to adopt various monetization methods like showing ads in games, in-game purchases (which also called freemium model), low price point games, brand collaboration, selling game merchandise to fans, etc.. Well, those monetization methods has given more options to gamers all-around of the world as people who have money can buy more virtual items in games and play ad free but if someone doesn’t have money can also play the same game with some ads, which has united the fraternity of gamers across the world into one big family, which seems to be a mutual benefit of gamers and game studios for betterment of online gaming industry as a whole.

3. Introduction of AR and VR

Development of VR and AR is going at rapid pace, and developers are working closely to integrate it in their games for better game play. Furthermore, with the release of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive these technologies were limited to a limited amount of detailing and hardware obstacles. Why? Because it was in its nascent stage but since then over the course of last year, the revolution has happened and an increase of up to 400% of investment has been done in this sector by gaming studios and hardware companies. So that has opened many doors for developers like introduction of recent Apple AR Kit which would allow developers to seamlessly integrated these technologies in the games for immersive user experience.

virtual reality female

Virtual reality has come a long way since the Virtual Boy days. However, VR still has quite a long way left to go before we get to see the prime days of VR.

Moreover, many gaming studios are working closely with movies houses for bring the experience of various genres of movies like horror, Sci-fi and many more into the gaming world to connect both the world and give gamers real life playing experience with the help of AR and VR. Besides that there are also talks with weighted clothes manufacturers to integrate technologies in them so that players can play their favourite games in VR during workout also.

4. Real time game streaming options

With the latest technological advancement, developers are also working to integrate all of them in the games to give the players and watchers an immersive game play and good time watching it respectively. Furthermore, nowadays, many games are being created keeping in mind both the players and watchers who compel the player (s) to live stream his or her game to play with other players and fans on streaming sites like twitch and YouTube! And that allows fans to watch games live in high-resolution on 4k screens with best gaming headset to enjoy the game to its fullest even when they are far away or just working out on their fitness gear like treadmills, rowers, bike trainers, spin bike for home in their home bed rooms or home gym.

a gamer in-action

This is when a Gamer is the absolute happiest, when he or she is Gaming like there is no tomorrow.

Moreover, not to forget that E-sports live streaming is also rapidly increasing as there are many live gaming events held around the world with hefty prize money at stake. Gamers engage and play with other gamers in multiplayer modes on big screens to win the game and prize while the spectators enjoy the game play from distance.

These factors (which are discussed above) seem to be some of the main online gaming growth areas where immense amount of resources have been invested by the whole gaming community (including developers, gaming studios, gamers, marketers etc), in-order to bring a new lease of life in the gaming world in the years to come! And the idea would be to make Gaming much more interactive and interesting for gamers to play their favorite games =) And that would include everything from strategy games, cooking games, which involves cooking in microwaves, best propane grill, fryers, stoves in real-time in VR world, racing games, war games and many more.

For latest updates on gaming revolutions going on every day stay hooked to and let us know in comment section below what can bring advanced gaming revolution for better good of our society and gaming industry in coming decades.

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