You always wanted to be there and try your luck?  Again and again, your friends report that they have skimmed sports bets and, for example, someone could afford the latest mobile phone because of this?

Especially at major events, such as the 2018 World Cup in Russia, curiosity about betting is aroused.

It’s not only the excitement that makes betting so attractive, but also the little bit of “change” that you can earn in addition that attracts people from all over the world to the online betting platforms.

The online market of betting providers has risen dramatically in recent years. Because it is made very easy for the consumer. Nowadays you save your way to the smoky betting place. You just get on the internet and you’re there live.

You can even place your bets quickly and comfortably in the bus, when you are on your way to work, in a bar with your friends, shopping, when you are bored and waiting for your wife or at home on the couch.

Even the current information you need about the team, for example, can be read very quickly on your smart phone.

In this article you will learn how sports betting works and what you should pay special attention to as a beginner. With the following information nothing stands in the way of your attempt at happiness.

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Find a good online betting provider

Especially on the Internet caution is advised, because you know enough stories of various scammers on the Internet. And of course sports betting, where a lot of money flows, is also affected.

Therefore, it is very important when you start betting that you have a trustworthy and reputable betting provider. As already mentioned, there are countless providers on the Internet.

Pay attention to the licenses when choosing a betting provider. Every reputable provider has a license that serves to keep the betting provider under control. And if there are any complications, you have a company where you can get in touch, which then examines the case neutrally as a third person.

In general, you should only choose one European provider. Because suppliers from Asia are difficult to track and control. Licenses such as those from Malta or Gibraltar or even one of the coveted Schleswig-Holstein licenses have a certain degree of security and professionalism.

A serious bookmaker, also called Booki, has a transparent platform where the most important information can be seen very clearly.

Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to the small print, because here you will often find important information such as the payout.

Generally speaking, if a provider pays you off within 1-5 business days, you can place a bet with a clear conscience. 5 working days are considered a long waiting period. Sometimes there is also a maximum of money you can deposit to protect the customer.

Safety and security

The safety factor is a big issue in online sports betting. A reputable booki, like banks, uses SSL encryption for deposits and withdrawals.

This encryption is always up to date and has proven itself over several years. There are also plenty of evaluations from public and private inspection bodies, which can be obtained, for example, through TÜV or the German lottery company.

These give information about the security, the operations and other criteria of the platforms that are used.

Once you have checked the security of your bookmaker, you should make a personal security check.  Because you are primarily responsible for your own safety when betting.

Set yourself a maximum limit on how much money you can spend. And keep that line, no matter what your chances are later.

Especially when you start betting, you should be prepared for losses, even if you have found a great strategy later, this is no guarantee for your profit. Betting is and remains a game of chance.

Various possibilities

When betting, you should always follow a strategy in order to be successful over a longer period of time. There are innumerable sports and accordingly many betting possibilities.

Football is probably one of the most popular sports for betting. But also other sports betting like handball, equestrian sports or Formula 1 are very popular. For team sports such as football, there are three types of bets that are particularly popular.

Single bet

The single bet is the easiest and most classic way to bet. The player bets on the outcome of a game. If his testimony is correct, he won. These are the most bets that are made. They can be played quickly and without much thought. Information about the team and the competition is always an advantage.

Combination bet

With a combination bet you can combine several bets with each other. The special thing about this is that all bets must be won for the combined bet to be considered won. As a player you have to play at least two bets with each other, only the offerer can set a limit.

The combination bet allows you to win a lot of money with a small stake. But it also carries a high risk, because if you only lose one of the bets, all the money is gone.

The advantage of the combination bet is that very high odds are offered, albeit with a high risk, since all selected tips must be correct.

System bet

System betting is a more complicated continuation of combination betting. Unlike a combination bet, if you lose a single bet, you do not lose the bet completely.

System bets are mainly played by trained players. One possibility of system betting is to combine several combination bets.

There are several system bet choices. You can choose the number of bets played within a system bet as well as how many of the bets you must have correctly.

Since each system bet consists of several individual tip rows or combination bets, there is of course a higher stake. The fixed stake is then paid per bet line.

Knowledge is power

the more knowledge and experience you have, the greater your chance of winning. Over time, you will develop a good strategy that, with a little luck, will bring you success.

It is best to keep yourself informed about the teams that are playing and how the teams are set up.

This way you can easily assess where your chances lie. This also brings a certain factor of entertainment, fun and excitement.

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