Progress is always on its way and there’s no industry like the video games industry to see this in action. This is an industry that is shaped by the trends of the tech landscape, here are some of the most notable trends that will influence what we see this year.

Updating rather than replacing

Of course, tech companies aren’t able to update the hardware within a console, but they are able to fix and update the OS. This can help the console run better and reduce the CPU consumption of the console. This can improve the user experience of the console and help it to match a newer edition of the console. We’re seeing a big move towards rebooted and remastered games recently, but many are asking if it’s really necessary. Games like The Last of Us and Uncharted are being re-released on new consoles. Well, that´s great news right? Sure, but some users would simply prefer an update.

VR tech

vr-headset in profile

Today’s VR software and hardware is far from flawless, but at least VR tech has come a long way for the last couple of years.

It seems like every game developer, operator and hardware manufacturer is taking note of virtual reality – with a good cause. This major breakthrough happened last year, but it will take another period of time before it’s everywhere. Gambling sites, in particular, are making the huge leap and investment into this tech, so we may see some new online casinos 2017 with their own VR lounges. Playing on the newest sites will allow users to watch this technology evolve and grow to a peak.

Casino sites will be sure to make the most of this technology, as their bright and simplistic graphics will lend themselves well to the VR arena. These online casinos are no longer what you imagine your grandmother playing on, they’re at the cutting edge of technology like this.

Mobile consoles

Lots of us enjoy playing games on our mobile devices, but manufacturers are looking for ways to take this a step further. The next area that some pundits are backing is that of the mobile console, essentially mobile apps that connect to a smart television to play the game. Not so long ago this would seem like futuristic stuff, but now it’s well within our grasp. It could be an indie games developer who manages to do this first, as mass-produced mobile games are going out of style. This is exactly the kind of ingenuity that these developers need to keep them relevant.

Say goodbye to Steam?

There are now a record number of games on the Steam platform with almost 40% of them not capturing any users. This has led to some savvy developers envisaging markets specifically for their genre. Genre specific stores may go in a different direction to Steam, perhaps offering a distinct pricing structure or subscription service.


I wonder whether or not keyboards will continue to play an important role in PC gaming in the future as well? Or if the keyboard will be replaced with something else? (VR perhaps?).

This will be a tough nut to crack for any developer who wants to take the leap, as the market was saturated with these clients previously. Origin, Desura, GOG and others already take up a significant portion of the market so an indie developer would need to make a store that really stands out.

Going backwards

Some of the most ingenious gaming creations come from developers story boarding with a particular feeling in mind. This idea of thinking of the end atmosphere first is a kind of reverse engineering, as the rest of the game is built under this premise. This can lead to a more cohesive game, in which every part of the design reflects the overall feeling of the game.

ps4 controllers

Will game consoles even exist in the future?

Trends come and go, but we’re interested to see which one of these stick around in the long run. Who knows, the industry may go in a completely different direction, only time will tell.
Robin Ek – Editor

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