If you thought games are only great on your mobile as applications, think again. Most of us forgot the early times of video games when we were introduced to such notion through the computer’s web browser. This category of games has survived and still continues to evolve.

Most are developed by Flash technology, and HTML5 is the new versatile platform that has much to offer to game creators who develop applications for the web platform.

What Is New in Web Browser Gaming?

HTML5 is a new platform that provides APIs for games developed in JavaScript. New solutions are here for web game development like WebAudio, WebGL and Canvas. These are components that allow the new titles to run smoothly on latest desktop browsers.

Canvas is a drawing tool that makes it possible for programming on graphics displays. WebGL is another tool that allows hardware integration to graphics and in adding on three-dimensional graphics and interfaces. HTML 5 items are playable, efficient and impressive at the same time.

Top Browser Titles to Try

The other aspect that makes such items appealing is the convenience and free factor. Most offer the basic versions to be played for free while some others are free for playing entirely, i.e. you can try wms slots out of cost.

The convenience factor of using your desktop computer to play and enjoy the higher resolution of the desktop monitor also makes browser games something worth trying when you are taking a break from work.

10 Bullets

This is a retro shooter title that might seem like something that you have played before, but the ammunition is not that much. For instance, you need to take down a spacecraft for which you are given ten projectiles. The game requires you to make the shots; the debris from destroyed ships leads to chain reactions. Hence, when you time your shot, you can obliterate entire fleets with a single shot.

A Dark Room

This is known by many and is a thrive and survive the challenge. However, the approach in this game is somewhat different since it is an adventure type driven by text and a menu that needs to be built up and worked upon to make a community survive in the wilderness.

Abobo’s Big Adventure

This is another tribute to the Abobo character from the 8-bit era of computer games. For many who have grown up playing them, the new title would be a nostalgic adventure to embark upon. Its storyline comprises of the muscular hulk out on a rescue mission for his son.

Alter Ego

This is not a pretty game and has stark icons. However, its clever script showcases the results of choices that a player makes as he or she progresses through their daily lives.

Candy Box 2

This is a popular and a minimalist title where the counter ticks as you eat candies and move up. However, once a certain amount of such treats are amassed the game moves into an RPG like scenario

Boulder Dash JQ

This one pays tribute to the eighties classic game of Rockford sifting through dirt. It grabs at diamonds and avoids getting crushed by boulders or being blown up when wildlife underground explodes. This game offers arcade-like action that can be compelling enough to keep you glued to your seat.

Free Casino Games

There are free casino plays that also form part of your online gaming experience. Many online casinos allow you to sign up for free and start playing. Slots are all the rage for their attractive graphics and simplicity of rules.

Latest Free Browser Games

While the ones mentioned above are the popular ones that have defined the browser game eras, here are some current favourites, which are trending in the category of free browser items:

– League of Angels, currently the 3rd edition, is a must try for those who have played the previous versions
– Dragon Awaken is an MMORPG that is free to play. Young adults enjoy the energy levels.
– You can also delve into the mystic powers of Divine Storm. Here one out of three classes can be chosen as per artefacts, equipment and other challenges that go up in every level
– Soul Calibur is another action game that has battle scenes and waves of foes to defend one against.
– Imperia Online is another that is based on the medieval theme where global dominance is the aim through the planning of the economy, war and politics.

The above are the several popular browser games that are free and trending. You can log onto your web browser and play away without the need for any special hardware or software on your computer.

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