A multiple monitor setup is something that all gamers must have if they are to use their computer efficiently. Thankfully, getting multiple monitors going is much easier than ever.

With greater dexterity on computers along with increased monitor technology, you can game and work at the same time. If you’re someone with two 4K monitors, then you’re getting the best images on your screens at all time.

Now that it’s easy to get multiple monitors, you can ditch the Alt-Tab move and instead navigate between the screens with ease. It’s just another way technology has made everything more efficient.

Rationale Behind Multiple Monitors

There are many reasons your gaming setup should have multiple monitors. The first is with multiple monitors there’s no more need to alt-tab to move between programs.

Have your game up on one monitor and on the other monitor you can work on various things, including game notes that are being shared with a collaborator.

Because today’s computers are so agile, there’s really no excuse for a gamer to be using a single monitor. Also, having two 4K monitors is awesome viewing.

At the very least, serious gamers use two monitors. Thanks to easy configuration, it’s now possible to connect seamlessly. Basically, once you choose between dvi vs HDMI you’re off to the races with setting up your second monitor.

The process is so easy you’ll soon see reasons for three, even four monitors. Whether you want to work on a game chat while also taking care of e-mail during a game, these monitors allow for endless multitasking possibilities.

Monitor and Port Selection

This is stating the obvious, but you should have uniform monitors. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is you’ll be able to have similar measurements for screen size, making it easier to plan where the monitors go.

Also, newer monitors have built-in capability for multiple screens. Select monitors that have similar connections. Some folks choose HDMI while others like DisplayPort. The good news is monitors have all of these connections and built-in compatibility.

Checking Out GPU

The debate between AMD and Nvidia GPUs is pretty interesting, but if you’re heavily interested in a multiple monitor setup, then AMD is the right GPU for you. First, check and make sure your GPU supports multiple monitors.

In other words, if it is older than you  are, then you may need to download a patch or some other method to get your GPU to support your multiple monitor dreams. Of course, newer GPUs are the way to go as multiple monitor support is built into the piece of hardware.

Hook Up Your Monitors

It doesn’t matter whether you use HDMI or DisplayPort. Most GPUs and computers have space for multiple connections.

If for some reason your GPU only has space for one connection, then use a splitter. The bad news is the split connection means the quality of your monitors’ display won’t be as nice as if there were separate connections.

Setting Up the Monitors

When you connect new monitors, the urge to hook them up and get to work. There are a lot of ways to set up multiple monitors that are several things you can do to make this a very short project.

First, if you are able to use multiple monitors with no trouble, then leave it alone. Some people have issues with dual monitors. Make sure the connections are in tightly in place. At that point you’re going to need to head to the Control Panel.

The Control Panel controls the different display options and the best course of action is following the instructions provided by your GPU. AMD and Nvidia have different ways of establishing connections.

The monitor option on the Control Panel’s display option will ask most likely if you have a multiple monitor set up or would like to extend the monitors. Click yes on this. At this point, set up your screen resolution. Then test the screens by moving your mouse passed the edge of the screen. It is usually a left to right motion.

The next action you need to do is identify which monitor is the main monitor and which one is for overflow. Use the “Identify” option to select which monitor will be the main display.

This is the place where your programs, task buttons, explorer, and start menu are found. Your programs will boot up on this screen and you can drag them to the other screen if needed.

Refresh Adjustment

If your GPU has the capability to jump from 60Hz to 144Hz, go for it. Make sure your monitors are able to do this refresh rate adjustment as well. The way to change this is going into your advanced settings.

Once there, you will notice the refresh rate is most likely set to 60Hz. A word of caution – just because your monitor has a high refresh rate doesn’t mean your GPU will.

Make sure the refresh rates are compatible this way you don’t have too much GPU for the monitors, or too much monitors for the GPU.

Effectively Using Multiple Monitors

Once you have installed the hardware and have done everything in the control panel, you’re ready for the benefits of more monitors. The first benefit will be the greater area to play around in.

You can have a spreadsheet and word doc open at the same time and not need to move between the two programs to accomplish something.

For gaming, it’s much more simple, the multiple monitor set up allows you to put the game in one screen while having other it’s in other monitors work on different tasks.

You can even watch Netflix on one monitor while gaming on the other one. The reality is having multiple monitors extends your desktop and gives your computer greater agility.


Now you’ve seen how easy it is to set up multiple monitors for gaming and the different benefits coming with this setup. Make sure you find the best monitors – spend a little extra on 4K monitors because they are the most futuristic. It is a purchase that will age very well.

Then make sure you have the right connections (HDMI or DisplayPort), and finally plug it in and do some work on the display settings. So, as you can see, having multiple monitors these days is quite easy.

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