Blackjack has been played for centuries and has developed throughout the years. Unlike most of the casino games, blackjack is steeped in history and hasn’t been any common version of its origin. This combination of skill and strategy game is among the game we appreciate as it can provide an exciting gaming experience.

Some historians confirmed that blackjack was invented in France whereas some said that it was born in China. Although the origin of the game seems to be a long discussion, it has continued to grow in popularity and reach the entire globe. Here are the possible origins of the blackjack game according to the story.

“Paper Tickets” in China

The first playing card is believed to be invented in China a hundred years ago. The Chinese thought to be the origin of card games because the general term for playing cards means “paper tickets”. Then, the Muslims transformed the paper ticket into real cards and enhance the design on every cover. They introduced the card games in European countries like Italy and Spain.

“Vingt-et-Un” or 21 in France

Around 1700, the “Vingt-et-Un” game was invented in French, which became well-known in Europe. The game looked similar to the blackjack we know today with the main goal to score under or equal to 21. It was still called “21” and became famous in Nevada, the first state that legalized the gambling industry.

“Trente-Un” in Spain

Another version of the blackjack origin was in Spain according to the research of some historians. This game was called “Trente-Un” (Thirty-One) which was referenced by a priest in 1440 and mentioned by the author Miguel de Cervantes in a 1570 text.

As Miguel de Cervantes was a great literature writer and a gambler, he could publish the book that leads to the approval of the game.

“Sette e Mezzo” in Italia

The Italian game “Sette e Mezzo” (Seven and a Half) is traditionally played in the Christmas holiday during the 17th century. The rules of this game are similar to the blackjack but the dealer on “Sette e Mezzo” was allowed to stand and to hit. The fact that the game appeared in that century makes it the first predecessor of blackjack as we know it today.

The Growth of the Blackjack in America

The game did not expand in France in the 19th century owing to the strict gambling rules there. Contrary to in America, the blackjack has gained in popularity, and the first legalized house-banked games were built-in New Orleans in 1820. With the help of the skilled card dealer Eleanor Dumont, the first gaming venue was opened in Nevada City, California named “Vingt-et-Un”.

The appearance of Blackjack in the Internet

The development of the Internet in 1990 has revolutionized the gambling industry, including the blackjack game. This Internet is a kind of reward to the players letting them play real blackjack online without moving their comfort. Besides, numerous gambling sites offer different game formats along with generous bonuses and other rewards.

Many types of a blackjack game with the more features are available in the gambling sites. These online casinos have emerged to encompass various attractive games where the gamblers can play online blackjack with progressive jackpots. With the technology RNG (Random Number Generator), the blackjack games have successfully met the requirements of being fair and trustworthy.

The high-quality graphics and stunning sounds provide an ultimate gaming experience from your home. There are also many fun options that are different compared to the land-based casino blackjack games.

Modern unline Blackjack

Aside from the Internet, the advancement of technology has influenced the blackjack industry. One of the innovations that have gained popularity in the casino is the Live Dealer Blackjack. The game is operated from a great studio with a human dealer and real casino equipment via high-quality video stream.

With the range of technology used to capture the table game action from high-definition cameras, the gamblers will surely feel the B&M casino environment.

With the popularity of mobile gambling, the online casino has also launched blackjack mobile games. The players can try their luck at their convenience permitting them to play many versions of the game such as Single Deck Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, European Blackjack, and more.

There is also Virtual Reality Blackjack (VR Blackjack) that is based on the standard rules. It has a charismatic and skill dealer which is different to the Live dealer version. Those who want to be skilled on blackjack should choose this version to acquire more strategies with it.

Like the online game, VR Blackjack is generated by the Random Number Generation system or RNG. Lastly, the 3D Blackjack is another innovation in this game. This upgraded variant of the classic online blackjack game comes with the new interactive 3D dealer and amazing graphic.

So with that said, I hope that this article was of use for you who like blackjack.

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