Nowadays all gaming enthusiasts seem to face the same dilemma of what gaming platform to chose, which one is better, which one offers the best gaming experience, which one has better graphics, better sounds, reliability and fun levels to enjoy. Games come under many forms, shapes and sizes but if you happen to search for the right gaming platform then your search ends today because we have developed a smart set of advantages and disadvantages which will help you pick the best browser for you.

The PC Platform

The PC platform history goes a long way back all the way to the beginning of gaming itself, right now gaming on PC is mostly focused on browser gaming which has been optimized a lot in the recent years, this is why many consider it to be one of the most diverse and advanced of them all. Hardware is usually not a problem for the PC suit and it offers marvelous frame rates better than any console or mobile platform. Visual effects are highly customizable from the settings panel and can be shaped in accordance with the low or high-end computers giving you a huge rewarding experience of playing games. Here are some positive and negative facts about the PC experience:

Positive facts:
A PC has more muscle when it comes to HDD storage compared to consoles which means more stored games instead of DVDs everywhere.
+ The PC has better hardware which opens the way to high-resolution graphics, improved frame rates and many other audio features.

Negative facts:
– Sometimes the price of the components is very high.
– The PC takes a lot of space and it’s not that easy to move from place to place while consoles are very easy to handle and to relocate.
– A PC is way more difficult to set up and you will also need time for upgrades and device setup.
– Probably the worst feature is that a PC becomes outdated way faster than consoles which will throw you off your budget.
– Configuring your own hardware system can be confusing sometimes.

It is imperative to know that gaming on a PC web browser platform can be influenced a lot by the web browser itself. Here are some hard facts that you need to consider before choosing your web browser:

Google Chrome

Beyond any analytics and statistics, Google Chrome is the most popular browser and the main advantage is that it is fast, the fastest of all the other web browsers, which means that pages load very fast because of smart auto-block options built within the browser.

A very important note to add here is that Google Chrome has begun to ease out the Flash functions in favor of HTML5 and for the gaming community this is a two-sided story because if you are a Flash games enthusiast Chrome will let your expectations down, but if you are on the HTML5 fan Chrome is absolutely fantastic.

Google Chrome works like a spell with mobiles too and this means that you have full access to fantastic cross-platform compatibility.


Firefox has a solid reputation of being a very reliable and safe web browser, unfortunately it loses the race pretty fast because of its difficult speed problems, it is true that progress has been made in this predicament by improving the operational values, but unfortunately it is not enough for a seat at the table with the other much faster web browsers. A positive side to this is that the browser does not stress your computer’s resources as much as Google Chrome does.

In other words Firefox is somewhat recommended for using it when playing web browser PC games.


Obviously, it’s the best for Mac users, designed with dedication for Apple devices and it’s the ideal choice for iOS games, an exquisite choice for any type of games because of the auto-block feature which keeps annoying spam ads away from you thus keeping your gaming experience impeccable.


Opera has all the muscle it needs to function properly; it has speed booster which is a significant plus for those who use older PC tech, and it also serves as a useful entertainment tool for those with low-bandwidth.

It can compress data faster than other browsers; therefore, your pages load significantly faster. We also recommend using Opera with older phones to play mobile games. Another great feature is that it has the capacity of auto-block unnecessary adverts.

Game Console Platform

A gaming console is an interactive system that emits a video display signal into a television which is widely popular amongst gamers. According to the sale figures the top of the line consoles are the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro both of which provide a serious punch in graphics, quality and entertainment.

Positive facts:
+ Gaming consoles are very easy to install and to use, just insert a DVD and play.
+ The games run smoother on consoles and also load a lot faster than on the PC.
+ Gaming experience is more immersive with a controller.

Negative facts:
– Gaming consoles have a fixed software thus the user is not able to bring any modifications or improvements.
– A console stays the same until the day you change it for a better one.
– Older games can easily become “extinct” with new models coming out.

So no matter the complexity, gaming is amazing on all types of platforms and all you have to do is to find out which one is best suited for you and what experience is more rewarding, fortunately we live in a marvelous world where all genres of games are capable of satisfying all preferences.

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