Casino gaming giants such as Microgaming, IGT, Playtech and others understand that the theme of a slot is crucial in attracting gamblers. One such theme is TV series. Players can choose something that appeals them, be it horror, comedy or mystery.

We have created the list of top slots games which you will surely find in any online casino, and that are based on everyone’s favourite series. Moreover, these online casinos can give even bonuses for playing those slots.

Here you can find a decent casino that lets players have some excellent gaming experience for a minuscule investment of as low as £1. So, here is our top 10!

10. CSI Slot

Crime and mystery have become one of the most intriguing genres in the television industry. Therefore, IGT provided us with a Crime Scene Investigation Slot.

It is better known as CSI slot where “detectives” can enjoy spinning the reels. Punters can choose among three variants of CSI slots CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

Characters that are on the reels change according to the variant you choose and according to the main characters from the TV show.

9. South Park

south park video slot

The “South Park” video slot game is just as crazy as the TV-series itself (just as one would expect it to be).

If you are a fan of this hilarious sitcom, you will be glad that it is on our top 10 slot games based on TV series.

All four characters are included in the game. However, not only they appear on the reels but they bring you different bonuses.

Apart from the authentic characters, the game is accompanied by comic animations and some sound effects that will make you feel the raw South Park energy.

8. Family Guy

Finally, the Family Guy slot was released in 2015 by IGT. This was something that certainly cheered up punters, who are huge fans of this funniest TV show. Not only that you can enjoy seeing your favourite characters on the spinning reels, but you will be also entertained by their short clips and catchphrases. The characters are highly illustrated and as for graphics, it reflects the show completely.

7. The X- files

the x-files casino game

A lot of “The X-Files” fans are more than aware that there exist a handful of video games that are based on the series. However, not everyone might know that there actually exist casino games based on “The X-Files” as well.

If you are a fan of science fiction drama, then there is no better choice than the X- files game. This popular TV show followed the adventures of two FBI agents Mulder and Scully who are present on the symbols of the game.

Most of their cases were dealing with UFO’s and there is no surprise why there is a symbol of an alien hand. The whole game has an enigmatic and dark tone. It seems that Playtech put some real effort into making this game mysterious.

6. Little Britain

Little Britain is a comedy sketch that follows the lives of Lou and Andy, Vicky Pollard, Emily, Marjorie and Dafydd. The show was based on bizarre humour and the slot contains also some funny photos of the main characters as well.
The colours used in this game are bright and glowing which will attract you even more.

As for music, it goes along with the theme, since you can also hear the Voice of Tom Baker who is the narrator of this TV show. It was released in 2013 by Playtech.

5. The Walking Dead

the walking dead video slot game

Do you like “The Walking Dead”? Do you like video slot games? Then you should try the TWD video slot game.

To make a video slot with The Walking Dead theme is definitely the real hit. Zombies, disease and Apocalypse is a bizarre theme that interest people who watch this popular TV show. But fear not, since it does not contain any zombies.

The background of the game is the picture of the Atlanta skyline. And on the left side of the reels, you can find abandoned and destroyed cars. On the other hand, on the right side, you can see a clear path, that can represent the new beginning.

When it comes to the symbols, you will find all main star characters on them such as  Rick, Lori, Andrea, Shane, Glen, and Daryl.

4. The Big Bang Theory

the big bang theory video slot game

I have no idea (whatsoever) that there existed a “The Big Bang Theory” video slot game, but there you go.

In the last decade, one of the number one humoristic series around the globe is certainly The Big Bang Theory.

Along with the main character Sheldon, other characters that are presented in this game such as Mr Cooper, Raj, Leonard, Howard, and Penny.

However, we can mostly hear and see Sheldon’s short video clips. All the background is colourful and bright, which attract the punters even more.

Finally, it wouldn’t be the Big Bang Theory if it hadn’t had the famous word Bazinga. However, here it is not just the word but it represents the bonus round.

3. Star Trek Red Alert Slot

We can definitely claim that when Star Trek popped up on small screens in the 70s, it gained enormous fame. Therefore, there was no doubt, when WMS released the Star Trek Red Alert Slot, that it will become a huge success.

The background of this game is not just based on the ocean of emptiness but it is also filled with lots of stars that are moving through it. This will convey the impression as if you are travelling with the legendary Starship Enterprise.

Symbols that appear on the reels are easily recognizable characters such as Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr McCoy and Commander Kang.

2. Vikings

One of the most mysterious TV shows that captured millions of hearts inspired a slot that was finally launched by NetEnt. It is a relatively new release since it came out in 2018.

The background of the slot reflects astonishing Norse landscapes. And at the very beginning, you have a small introduction by a Seer himself.

Also, there is Odin’s black crow which will swoop in after you win. If you are a true fan you will definitely recognize your favourite star characters from the show such as Ragnar, Lagertha, Bjorn and Floki. When it comes to additional features:

– Wild
– Scatter
– Raid Spin
– Shield Wall
– Game of Thrones

1. Game of Thrones

game of thrones video slot game

There are a lot of games that are based on “Game of Thrones”, there’s even an online slot game that’s been based on GOT.

Making a slot by using the theme from the best series ever came as no surprise. It doesn’t contain your favourite characters from the show. Instead, it is all about family crests.

The symbols represent crests of four different houses Lannister, Baratheon, Stark and Targaryen.

Also, the iconic theme song, which is slightly altered so that it can last longer through the game, accompanies your spinning reels. As for additional features:

– Wild. Wild is represented through Game of Thrones logo.

– Scatter. This symbol is the most famous throne.

– Free Spins

– Gamble

The provider of this video slot is Microgaming.

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