The IT space is growing with each passing day, and now we are seeing areas, such as Data security and management, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization, being developed.

This calls for professionals to seek new information and knowledge. The organizations all around the world are also restructuring to deal with these emerging trends, and they are seeking specialists and experts capable of handling such issues.

It is for these reasons that we are now seeing professionals in the IT sector scrambling to get to sit for this IT certification exam as a way of acquiring new knowledge and validating their skills.

The field of cloud computing and virtualization has continued to be developed over the years, and this has seen certification exams being developed for professionals.

In our article, we will look into the VMware 2V0-621 exam and give you insights on what it entails and what it is all about.


Generally, VMware vSphere is the very current and highly sought-after data center virtualization platform. This platform allows professionals to explore, configure and manage all aspects of the VMware vSphere 6.X environment.

The VMware 2V0-621 test is done with the objective of assessing the candidates’ skills and capabilities that are necessary for installing, deploying, scaling, and operating VMware vSphere six environments.

This exam is mostly done by IT professionals who want to build a career in the domain of data center virtualization.

This exam is associated with other VMware certifications, such as VCP6.5-DCV, VCP6-DCV, VCP6-NV, VCP6-DTM, and VCP7-CMA.

The VMware 2V0-621 exam covers ten topics that are all tested all through. The applicants need to demonstrate a good knowledge base of all these topics that include:

1. Configure and Manage vSphere Securit
2. Configure and Operate Advanced vSphere Storag
3. Configure and ManagevSphere Availability Solution
4. Manage vSphere Virtual Machine
5. Configure and Administer Advanced vSphere Networkin
6. Backup and Restoration a vSphere Deploymen
7. Develop and Reinforce vSphere Data Cente
8. Upgrade a vSphere Deployment to 6.x
9. Troubleshoot a vSphere Deploymen
10. Manage and Administer vSphere 6.x Resources and Virtual Machines

Exam Structure

The VMware 2V0-621 test is structured in such as a way that the candidates must answer a total of 70 questions within a time period of 105 minutes. For an individual to pass, then he or she must attain a score of 300 and above.

The exam has three formats, namely single-choice, multiple-choice and non-proctored formats. Furthermore, this certification test is written in two languages. So you get to pick from either doing the test in Japanese or English.

Preparation Tips & Tricks

An exam preparation is paramount thing to do, as it helps the candidates to pass their tests with flying colors.

The following tips will aid you to prepare for the 2V0-621 exam:
Start your preparation process several weeks before you sit for the actual exam.
2. You can also try to have a study partner so that you can study together and help each other with the hard topics.
3. Try to access and read different learning materials to get more insights on the testable topics of the exam.
4. Carry out practice tests to be able to gauge your preparedness levels.
5. Ensure that any topic that you might not be familiar with you inquire from your tutor for adequate assistance.
6. On the actual exam day arrive early and maintain a good and relaxing demeanor. Avoid engaging in any discussion on the exam day as this will help you keep your focus.
7. Read through the instructions carefully and ensure to seek clarification on areas that are not clear.
8. Answer all questions even if you are not sure what to write. Just attempt all of them.

Best Exam Books

There are several books available that can help you learn lots of things pertaining to the vSphere environment and all its fundamental areas. They include
Mastering vSphere 6 – this book has lots of study areas that the students wanting to learn about vSphere. It is a wonderful guide that you will definitely like
VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive – for students who want to sharpen their troubleshooting brains, then this book will offer just that. It contains numerous and refreshing content on the vSphere environment.
vSphere 6 Foundations Exam Official Cert Guide (Exam#2V0-620) – this book contains all the tips and features that are tested in the exam. So, you will definitely have the know-how of doing the test.

Top Exam Resources
VMware website – this site offers a good platform to learn all about this exam. It has practice exams that will serve to prep you fully
vSphere Setup and Installation Guide – this guide has all the fundamentals that will prep you to know how to set up and do installations in the vSphere environment.
My Learn – This is a good site to get to know all about this exam. It has a detailed outline of how the course is structured and the topics lessons
vSphere Data Protection Administration Guide – this guide offers a good platform to learn all about the concepts of data protection and management. It will give the students a good foundation for learning all data security concepts. – This is a very well-known educational website that contains lots of learning materials from videos to notes. You will not miss anything nice to help you prep for the exam. – This is a very important resource that will help a candidate to prep well for the exam. It contains test questions and worked out examples that will be essential.

Personal Experience

As a person who sits for the certification exams, I always believe that for you to pass it will require early preparations. This will give you the opportunity to go through the whole coursework without being in panic mode. Furthermore, it is good to have a study partner to assist you in terms of studying and clarifying things you are not familiar with. Lastly, always feel confident before, during, and after the test.

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