When the first proper VR headset, Oculus Rift CV1, has hit the commercial market in 2016, a lot of people have been skeptical of these devices, as with all these cables and requirements that your PC had to meet…So the idea of using VR goggles for comfortable entertainment was somewhat questionable.

Fortunately, the technology has evolved and today we have more and more standalone VR devices, which are a huge step ahead of improving the convenience of the usage of virtual reality – thus the comfort and immersion of encountering both the VR games and other virtual reality experiences.

In spite of all, a lot of people still do not have faith in virtual reality technology, doubting its usefulness (at least in its’ current form) and not finding it any useful for their everyday lives.

However, numerous statistics and many leading equipment manufacturers refute these rumors claiming that, e.g. quoting the HTC company: “virtual reality is doing better than ever”.

What is more, even the top software developer like Valve plans on releasing their very own VR device (called Index), so regardless of whether you agree with that or not, virtual reality is slowly but surely growing and might indeed become the future of the entertainment industry – and especially the VR games!

All hail the virtual reality games!

vr gaming

VR Gaming has come a long way since the 90s (Nintendo’s Virtual Boy anyone?).

Knowing all that and being a fan (or at least a user) of VR devices, apart from playing some VR games, have you ever wondered what could you do with your VR goggles?

Sure, games like Superhot VR, Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, Onward, Gorn, Budget Cuts or even the legendary Beat Saber are great – but just like in all these VR-related movies, your headset is capable of doing much more than that, and you should definitely take advantage of this fact.

But how? What could you do with your super-expensive (or maybe not?), sophisticated VR headset when not playing virtual reality games? Well, it turns out that you have quite a lot of possibilities.

You can, for example, visit some holiday resorts in virtual reality before heading to them in the real life.

Thanks to the VR, you can also climb the normally unachievable mountain or dive deep in the middle of the ocean – yet apart from all these “holiday” options available, it turns out that there is a thing that people do in VR that is much, much more popular.

According to the statistics, the second most common thing that users of VR goggles do with their devices – right after playing some VR games, naturally – is… watching some adult movies in VR!

The occurrence known as VR porn (who would have guessed, eh?) becomes increasingly more popular, and more and more top porn stars from all around the world perform in some VR porn scenes – meaning that the number of professional producers of such adult videos in VR is also getting bigger.

Adult movies in virtual reality? It sounds ridiculous!

a very sexy vr babe

Sex, VR and sexy babes, what more can you ask for? Well, since “Half-Life 3” isn’t happening, not all that much really.

According to one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers known in the industry as VR Bangers (Virtual Reality Bangers), the popularity of their VR experiences is increasing pretty much every day, and even though the VR porn films were until recently rather niche, they might be the future of the entire adult movies industry.

Inside of every VR porn video, you are being “magically teleported” to the very same room with the girl of your dreams, and you can spend some intimate moments together with her just like you would have been there for real – all that thanks to solutions like 3D 360° virtual reality and realistic binaural sound systems provided by the producers like VR Bangers.

If you have ever given a try to VR porn scenes few years ago and did not like them, you could probably give them a second chance, as a lot has been changed for those adult experiences in virtual reality over the last couple of years.

For example, the aforementioned company, VR Bangers, have started shooting their VR porn scenes in first 4K ultra high-definition, and then even going as high as 6K UHD, so their realism has skyrocketed and they are slowly but surely taking over the regular 2D porn that you are most likely familiar with.

You also do not have to worry if your VR headset is compatible with VR porn videos if you are interested in giving them a go, as top producers like VR Bangers support all the newest VR devices and even have their very own app for comfortable watching of their VR porn films.

So if you are excited to check on what do VR Bangers have to offer, visit their steaming-hot website over here or head here to become one of their members straight away.

***The article has been written in the cooperation with Virtual Reality Bangers***

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