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    Dungeon Souls PC review – A decent dungeon crawler RPG

    3 July 2016 , by Bengie Rodriguez

    “Dungeon Souls” is a top-down action RPG and a dungeon crawler that sends you out to fight hordes of monsters, while leveling up your character and finding useful items. And as I said before on my previous reviews, I’m the type of Gamer who enjoys seriously difficult games. So when I heard that “Dungeon Soul” is said t...

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    Wasted PC review – A crazy fun FPS/RPG/TPS post-apocalyptic experience

    10 June 2016 , by Bengie Rodriguez

    As some people know I have a long history with post-apocalyptic games. And I enjoy seeing each developer having their own ideal version of a post-apocalyptic era, and how the characters used on the game are trying to survive it. These types of games normally have a serious setting where survivors are trying their hard to stay alive and to...

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