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    Borderlands 3 PC review – Bordering on the good side

    2 November 2019 , by Chen Yiji

    I was ready to close the chapter on the “Borderlands” universe. To me, “Borderlands 2” as an experience was unbeatable in its era – it had both story, funnies and the gameplay to keep you hooked. Sure, the endgame loop was a “bit” grindy, but in a gaming industry where replayability remains the biggest issue for ...

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    This is why 2016 was simply amazing for SG eSports

    2 January 2017 , by Chen Yiji

    2016 was an awesome year for Singaporean eSports. As a Team house opened, many of our local boys snagged a boat load of cash, and a specialized eSports hub opened for Singaporeans. Most importantly, Singaporeans turned up for the many amazing eSports events throughout the year! Take a look: If you were an attendee at any event, seriously, thank you...

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