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    Team chemistry in Dota 2: What’s at stake for the players and spectators

    21 October 2015 , by Chen Yiji

    Since Ti4, roster shuffles have become more prevalent, but why do players need to shuffle? “Farewell, Natus Vincere Dota 2 Roster”. If you haven’t been shocked yet, then you heard it here first. The team that defined “champion” for Dota 2’s first ever major has finally disbanded after a long, torturous journey for its antiquated line-up. XBOCT and ...

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    The DOTA 2 Icefrog: 6.85 patch will be coming soon, most likely next week

    20 September 2015 , by Chen Yiji

    Brace yourselves for a new meta and some predictions as 6.85 is imminent.   6.85 will arrive before the next Major. It will be a balance patch, meaning nothing new will be introduced (much unlike 6.84). This semi-confirms that new content (maybe new heroes and items) are in the pipeline for 6.86. Being the experienced speculator that I am, I’m......

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