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    The next generation of gamers – The time of change is upon us

    25 June 2017 , by Guest Author

    Over the last couple of years, Gamers, games and Gaming have been under attack by several different sources, and now I bet that you wonder “attacked by who exactly?“. Well, that would include people like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoé Quinn and Briana Wu (GamerGate would fall into the middle of the mess). So no matter where people may stand on a...

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    Category: Opinion editorial

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    E3 2017 – The overview and the angry mob

    24 June 2017 , by Guest Author

    Now you’ve had a week to let the dust from E3 2017 to settle, and I’ve had a week’s time to eat up reactions to E3 from all over the world. So let’s talk about reactions. I enjoyed E3 a lot this year. One of the obvious reasons for me was that during 2017, I haven’t spent a huge amount...

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    Category: Opinion editorial

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