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    Western developers and representatives attack #GamerGate again

    10 February 2017 , by Justin Easler

    Yeah, yeah, another attack on #GamerGate. Surprised? You know, every time I think I’m done talking about GG and done having to defend them, articles like this pop up that are just so insane in their composition that I just can’t avoid talking about it. I mean, I shouldn’t have to defend GG, really I shouldn’t. As all the information...

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    EB Games breaks Australian private law? – Interview with Brussel Sprout

    20 January 2017 , by Justin Easler

    ***Update 1 – 2017-01-24 – 22:55 CET*** Brussel Sprout ™ has since contacted his bank and credit company and has been recommended by them to report EB Games to the local authorities as, according to them, the act does, in fact, break Australian Privacy Law. He is sending details to the police and will keep us updated as the story...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn story trailer analysis

    14 January 2017 , by Justin Easler

    So over the past few days, Guerrilla Games released a story trailer for a game which I’ve been excited for since I saw it at the PS4 Pro conference a few months ago: “Horizon Zero Dawn”. With this trailer, we got a few more story details, but just enough to leave us intrigued without dumping it all on us. Today...

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