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    Has the Nintendo Switch been hacked?

    13 March 2017 , by Kenay Peterson

    The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost two weeks, and it would appear it’s already been hacked by a group of gamers. That didn’t take long did it? The hack stems from a simple browser exploit that was previously used to jailbreak Apple iOS 9.3 devices. The hack came from the notorious iOS hacker, qwertyoruiop, and was confirmed by...

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    Gamestop’s new circle of life policy – The hard and uncensored story

    14 February 2017 , by Kenay Peterson

    Gamestop is in the news once more, and honestly it’s not all that surprising what it is about. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember our piece on Gamestop’s corporate greed. Since that was written more light has been cast on the pre-owned gaming giant (it´s worth pointing out that EB Games isn´t much bette...

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    Could Feminist Frequency be due for an IRS audit?

    16 December 2016 , by Kenay Peterson

    ***Update 1 – 2016-012-22 – 00:52 CET*** I just wanted to give you guys and girls an update on the current situation with Feminist Frequency and the possibility of an IRS audit, because just now I spotted a rather interesting comment on this post (the one that you got in front of your eyes just now) by ObeliskDR. However, before...

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