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    Cafe Crush PC review – A rather short but great dating visual novel

    13 August 2019 , by Nicholas Kingsley

    It must be pretty nice to be unemployed in the anime world. Especially when (after deciding that money is rather important) you can get a job in the first shop you come across, and then with the minimal number of questions asked, immediately get a job surrounded by cute girls (don’t we all wish that it was that easy in...

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    Goat Of Duty PC preview – A crazy fun goat themed FPS game

    12 August 2019 , by Nicholas Kingsley

    They’re back! That’s right, the fleet footed bleating animals are back, and this time they are fully armed and willing to shoot – and headbutt – anything that that moves. 34BigThings “Goat of Duty” is a fast-paced multi-player arena shooter, where goats fight each other before the round’s timer ends, in order to become the top goa...

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