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    Mad science – Finding inspiration as a bedroom developer

    22 March 2017 , by Jonas Ek

    People love to criticize video games – take a look at the user reviews on Metacritic – but players might not be so quick to hand out zeroes if they’d gone through the process of making their own RPG or shooter themselves, the sleepless nights over broken code and whether or not to take the plunge on isometric graphics instead of... Read more

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    A handful of the most ridiculous Nintendo games to date

    18 March 2017 , by Jonas Ek

    The release of the Nintendo Switch has thrust the Japanese video gaming maestros firmly into the spotlight, though admittedly it is not a spotlight that they had ever really left. While high-end, high-powered PCs tend to dominate the gaming world ahead of Sony and Microsoft’s PlayStation and Xbox consoles, it is more than fair to say that Nintendo ... Read more

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    E-Sports popularity is set to grow even further

    8 March 2017 , by Jonas Ek

    You do not have to look back to far to find a time when E-Sports was still an unknown quantity to most around the world, however the electronic sports gaming market has grown a huge amount over the past two years, with players competing via computers rather than on a field, with popular games such as StarCraft, League of Legends... Read more

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    Addictive games on mobile phones over the last 20 years

    7 March 2017 , by Jonas Ek

    The world of gaming has evolved thanks to the developments in mobile phone technology. Today, more gaming occurs on mobile devices than dedicated gaming consoles. Over the years, many addictive games have hit the market appealing to many gamers. Tetris Originally designed for Nintendo, this classic game was adapted for play on mobile phones. Player... Read more

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    Gamestop’s new circle of life policy – The hard and uncensored story

    14 February 2017 , by Kenay Peterson

    Gamestop is in the news once more, and honestly it’s not all that surprising what it is about. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember our piece on Gamestop’s corporate greed. Since that was written more light has been cast on the pre-owned gaming giant (it´s worth pointing out that EB Games isn´t much bette... Read more

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