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    This is how you create a multiple monitor setup for Gaming like a boss

    24 May 2019 , by Guest Author

    A multiple monitor setup is something that all gamers must have if they are to use their computer efficiently. Thankfully, getting multiple monitors going is much easier than ever. With greater dexterity on computers along with increased monitor technology, you can game and work at the same time. If you’re someone with two 4K monitors, then you’re ... Read more

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    Gaming addiction and the world health organization (WHO)

    21 May 2019 , by Guest Author

    The World Health Organization has classified compulsive gambling behavior as an addiction and is to be listed as a mental health condition. Gamers who play online casino games or console video games obsessively should, the WHO declared, be treated for the “disorder” as though it was any other form of mental health condition. The 11th In... Read more

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    Why is roulette so popular on Mobile? – Let’s find out shall we?

    20 May 2019 , by Guest Author

    Roulette is by far the most popular game that you can play in an online casino, and there are quite a few reasons for this. The first is that the game in itself is straightforward and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It isn’t complicated and is relatively straight forward to play in comparison to games such as Baccarat and... Read more

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    Top ten casino games that are based on TV-series

    11 May 2019 , by Guest Author

    Casino gaming giants such as Microgaming, IGT, Playtech and others understand that the theme of a slot is crucial in attracting gamblers. One such theme is TV series. Players can choose something that appeals them, be it horror, comedy or mystery. We have created the list of top slots games which you will surely find in any online casino, and... Read more

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