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    These are the advantages of Online Casino games

    12 March 2019 , by Guest Author

    You may not find casino clubs in your area, but online casino games at จีคลับ (GClub) have some advantages you might not have imagined! 1. They are cheaper While in an ordinary casino you are consuming drinks, giving tips to waiters and dealers, you have none of that in your house. The drink is released and no one will be... Read more

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    This is how you tackle the popping Taskeng.exe Window problem like a boss

    11 March 2019 , by Guest Author

    Taskeng.exe (Task Scheduler Engine) is a system file for Windows 10/8/7 operating systems. The given file ensures the proper operation of the Task Scheduler Service, whose main function lies in keeping track of processes prearranged by a user of operating system. Normally, the task.exe component doesn’t pose any danger to your computer if located i... Read more

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    Mobile gambling and gaming on the fly – The best of two worlds

    5 March 2019 , by Robin Ek

    I know that there are quite a few gamers out there that don’t like mobile games all that much (or mobile gaming in general ), but truth be told. Mobile games are very accessible since most people own a smartphone today. Furthermore, the mobile Gaming market just keeps on growing as well. So there are plenty of different games to... Read more

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    What is the role of outsourcing in modern game development?

    2 March 2019 , by Guest Author

    Let’s be honest — it’s almost impossible to have deep knowledge in every field, be it game development or accounting. So from time to time, you’ll need certain professionals to help you out. And it’s totally okay – nowadays the practice of contracting out a number of tasks to third parties is becoming more and more popular. As you may...... Read more

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    Here are some essential tips on environment and movement in “Apex Legends”

    2 March 2019 , by Guest Author

    Survival in Apex Legends requires constant movement. Of course, some players still prefer to stay out of dangerous areas, hiding and waiting for the right moment to take down an opponent with a sniper rifle. This could also work for a while. But we would recommend you keep moving across the map for better results! Here are some environment and... Read more

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