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    Luck and gambling mechanics in the world of video games – The 2020 edition

    24 August 2020 , by Robin Ek

    You know, it’s pretty insane how fast time goes by sometimes. I mean, it’s been over two-years since the last time I wrote about luck and gambling mechanics in the world of video games. Well, that’s exactly the reason why I decided to write a brand-new article on the said subject for the first time in years. So with that... Read more

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    Gamification – Slots have become more than just slots

    16 August 2020 , by Guest Author

    In the past, casino games have been regarded as simple and maybe even boring compared to PC games and console games. This has been especially true when talking about slot machines where the player eventually just hits one button and waits for the reels to stop until pressing the button again. For many of us who engage in video games... Read more

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    Cross-platform gaming is changing the gaming landscape, and this is the reason why

    13 August 2020 , by Guest Author

    It is always a time in the gaming world that gets players riled. The new generation of consoles are about to be released and there are always some cool new features to re-enliven the experience. However, there is definitely an exciting chapter for gamers coming soon, as the decades-long siloing of gaming experiences comes to an end. While we would.... Read more

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