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    This is what “World of tanks” looks like through my eyes

    15 May 2018 , by Guest Author

    I tested “World of Tanks” on a friend’s computer just recently, and the game just blew me away. Honestly, it’s one of the games that have excited me the most in recent time. As a matter of fact. I have thrown in many hours into the game with very little to no rest. So it’s most definitely one of those... Read more

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    Luck and gambling mechanics in the world of games

    1 May 2018 , by Robin Ek

    As I’ve been a Gamer since the late 80s, I couldn’t help to think about the impact and importance of luck and gambling mechanics in the world of games, because quite a few games require more than just skill to master. For example, in the “Fallout” series luck (luck is one of the seven primary statistics in the SPECIAL character... Read more

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    Five of the very best games from 888casino

    23 April 2018 , by Guest Author

    Online gambling worldwide is set to be worth $635 billion by 2022 as its popularity continues to soar. As a matter of fact, there are so many online casinos to choose from these days that very few of them truly stand out. However, 888casino’s games are both innovative and of high quality. So they sure stand out from the crowd... Read more

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