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    Online games for girls are the genres that everyone wants to play, and this is why

    13 July 2020 , by Guest Author

    Despite the overtly girly themes, bright colors, and whimsical content, online games for girls are played by everyone. Running at top speed through a kitchen, desperately trying to get out picture-perfect orders while racing against the clock. Putting together relevant and tasteful, or over the top avant-garde looks, red carpet ready or poised to h... Read more

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    How does the South African gambling market work? – A SA gambling market 101 guide

    13 July 2020 , by Guest Author

    South Africa saw the legalization of gambling in the country in 1996. The revenue earned through betting business is the lion’s share as the technological advancements are introduced. Online gambling has emerged as an all-time favorite, and more people are tilting towards it rather than on-ground casinos. The gamers admire many top online casinos l... Read more

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    Here’s a full guide on how to play poker like a boss

    9 July 2020 , by Guest Author

    When people think about poker, Texas Hold’em is likely the very first model they’ve under consideration. This Is undoubtedly the most used type of poker at the second, but there are other variants of the game that should not be ignored. There is Omaha, Razz, 7 Card Stud, and 5 Card Draw, to name only a couple. Some variants combine... Read more

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    These are some of the very best hidden object games for PC

    3 July 2020 , by Guest Author

    Ever seen someone play a point-and-click game looking for hidden clues and matches? Well, they are called hidden object games. Most of us have not heard of this genre but they are actually one of the oldest game genres in the world that has a small, niche group of fans. Recently, hidden object games have also evolved to become great... Read more

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    When to tip the casino dealer?

    22 June 2020 , by Guest Author

    It can be tricky to know when is the right time to tip the dealer, especially if you’re in a foreign country and you’re unsure of the tipping etiquette in the country you’re visiting! Even if famous casino hot spots like Las Vegas it might not be obvious when to tip and this can be confusing for players who are... Read more

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    Here are ten fun party games that you can play over a zoom call

    2 June 2020 , by Guest Author

    Since the invention of video chat, hundreds of apps have popped up offering the same service. Zoom stood out from among those and is one of the most used platforms today. The current health crisis has kept a lot of people behind doors. But, in a social media driven world, not everyone requires physical closeness to feel connected. Thanks to... Read more

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