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    This is how you mirror a laptop to a Smart TV like a boss

    16 April 2020 , by Guest Author

    The television still stands as the ultimate media gadget with screen sizes that dwarven laptops and smartphones with some being as massive as one hundred inches. Therefore, it is no surprise that a lot of people prefer to indulge in visual entertainment through television screens. However, even though Smart TVs are capable of internet access, they ... Read more

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    These are some of the very best high-end Gaming laptops of 2020

    8 April 2020 , by Guest Author

    Gaming has completely changed from what it once used to be. Heck, there was a time when multiplayer gaming meant you had to be in the same room with the individual or individuals that you were playing against. This is certainly no longer the case. Not only has the connectivity of gaming changed, but the graphics along with the whole... Read more

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    The future of Esports in 2020 – A brief overview

    6 April 2020 , by Guest Author

    The hype about esports has reached a fever pitch. It has encapsulated the whole world. It has grabbed the attention of everyone. Major brands are rushing for their advertisements towards esports. The spectators for esports is highest throughout the world. A lustrous future is waiting for esports. Esports is a multifarious platform. It is a hub for ... Read more

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    These are some of the sexiest real money slot games there is

    28 March 2020 , by Guest Author

    You just wouldn’t expect a casino game to come with an NSFW (not suitable for work) rating, would you? Ok, officially this rating is not in circulation, but some adult-themed slots can leave you red-faced and/or feeling hot under the collar. Whilst many players turn to online slots as a means of letting off steam, there are some racy adult... Read more

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    Here are the 10 most anticipated and most wanted RPGs of 2020

    25 March 2020 , by Guest Author

    There are tons of games coming out in 2020 and it’s some of the best gaming that anyone’s ever seen. Included in all of these new releases are the RPGs. So it doesn’t matter if you game to win or you just want to have some fun with RGP porn games. There’s something for everyone and here are the 10 most... Read more

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