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    Google’s Stadia and the future of cloud gaming

    29 April 2019 , by Guest Author

    Not too long ago, Google rocked the gaming world with a daring introduction of Stadia, a cutting-edge cloud gaming platform that runs on Linux. Well, according to Google, Stadia will revolutionize the way online games are developed, distributed and played. About Stadia The fact that the Stadia project is headed by former Sony and Microsoft executiv... Read more

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    Here are five of the best online casino games that you could play on mobile

    27 April 2019 , by Guest Author

    Play on Android (or iOS) for gambling on your smart phone and tablet can greatly improve image quality and audio and game response at a particular casino for your device platform. Among the many online gambling website in the market, some have a good experience in desktop but the platform for mobile devices such as mobile and tablet are limited... Read more

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    Here are some gaming hardware tips that will maximize your user experience

    23 April 2019 , by Jonas Ek

    Video games are better than anyone could’ve conceptualized twenty years ago. Ten years ago, even. It’s gotten to the point that the software is so good, the hardware often needs to catch up. The burden of responsibility, when it comes to video game enjoyment is in some ways shared between developers and consumers. We trust that the people who make.... Read more

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    Here are some good and free online casino games for the Arabic speaking audiences

    21 April 2019 , by Guest Author

    Now has never been a more perfect opportunity to get into the online casino game industry as a player. The Internet has definitely widened the options for avid casino players looking to discover new casino games, and what’s better than getting to try them first online before actually playing them in a casino in real life? Through online casino game... Read more

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