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    Resident Evil – Barry’s Mod v1.6 is now available for PC

    21 July 2019 , by Robin Ek

    You know, at first I thought that I was either dreaming or that it was April the 1st today. Why? Because I just found out that there is a PC mod for the original version of “Resident Evil 1” that allows you to play through the whole game as Barry Burton. Yes, you read it right the first time. That’s... Read more

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    DeXiaZ’s “Linear Doom” v1.1 is now available for PC

    13 April 2019 , by Robin Ek

    You know, even though I’ve played ID’s classic FPS game “Doom” since 1993. I still manage to find new, creative and awesome “Doom” mods and spin-offs to this very day (“Brutal Doom“, “Project Brutality” and “MiniDoom” are three of my favorite fan-made “Doom” project... Read more

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