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    “Daymare: 1998” is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One in early 2020

    3 December 2019 , by Robin Ek

    You know, on a personal level. I’ve had quite a journey when it comes to covering the development process of Invader Studios’ third-person survival horror game “Daymare: 1998” (not everyone might know it, but “Daymare: 1998” actually started off as the “Resident Evil 2: Reborn” project). I mean, I hea... Read more

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    “Battalion 1944” has just unveiled its 12-month free content roadmap

    25 July 2019 , by Robin Ek

    I got some really good news to share with all you WWII FPS fans out there, because Square Enix just informed us that they have released the 12-month free content roadmap for Bulkhead Interactive’s WWII FPS MMO game “Battalion 1944“: “We have some big updates about Battalion 1944 that I can share with you today. Bulkhead Inte... Read more

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