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    Avenger Bird Nintendo Switch giveaway – Three keys for three platformer

    18 February 2019 , by Robin Ek

    As some of you might remember, just recently we wrote that TiliaSoft had released their retro platformer “Avenger Bird” for the Nintendo Switch. Well, guess what? We TiliaSoft and Ultimate Games hooked us up with three Nintendo Switch keys for “Avenger Bird” =) (thank you!) So we’re giving the keys away to you boys and... Read more

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    Song of Memories PS4 giveaway – Two EU codes are at stake

    4 February 2019 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER!*** As some of you visual novel fans out there might remember, just recently DICO and Tech Lab launched their romantic visual novel “Song of Memories” for the PS4. Well, guess what? The awesome folks over at PQube gave us two EU PS4 keys for “Song of Memories” (thank you PQube!). So we decided to giv... Read more

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    BATALJ beta PC giveaway – 100 keys are at stake

    27 January 2019 , by Robin Ek

    As some of you probably already know by now, just recently Fall Damage released some closed beta keys for their upcoming online turn-based action strategy game “BATALJ“. Well, guess what? We’ve been given 100 Steam beta keys for “BATALJ” =) (thank you Fall Damage!) So we’re giving away the keys to you boys and gi... Read more

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    Bad Dream: Fever PC giveaway – Three Steam keys are at stake

    5 January 2019 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER!*** Yep, 2019 is here for real. That’s also why I felt like we should start off the new year with a brand-new giveaway =) And this time we’re giving away three Steam keys for Desert Fox’s ink-based adventure game “Bad Dream: Fever” (each Steam key is worth 9,99 Euros). In other words, here̵... Read more

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    Clinically Dead PC giveaway – Five Steam keys for five puzzle hungry gamers

    28 December 2018 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER!*** I know that it’s hard to believe, but 2019 will soon be here (tons of awesome games awaits us in the near future! Like “Doom Eternal”, for example). So to celebrate the fact that 2019 will soon be up on us, we’re giving away five Steam keys for Mogila Games “Clinically Dead” (each Ste... Read more

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