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    Christmas 2016 giveaway – FEIST, OlliOlli2, Labyrinth, Cossacks 3 and more!

    24 December 2016 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS CONTEST IS OVER!*** Yes, it´s Christmas…Again! (it´s a Christmas spoof from Blood´s “I…live…again!” quote). I (Robin Ek) welcome that though, because I´ve been working around the clock for months. So I hope that I can get some well-deserved rest during Christmas and New years Eve. Any ways, I want to say thank ... Read more

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    Space Hulk: Deathwing PC giveaway – Three keys via Kinguin

    21 December 2016 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS CONTEST IS OVER!*** As you might already know (well, at least if you´re a fan of “Space Hulk” and “Warhammer 40K”), last week marked the PC release of Focus Home Interactive and Streum On Studio´s FPS shooter “Space Hulk: Deathwing“. So we´re celebrating that by giving away three keys for Deathwing! (than... Read more

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    Labyrinth PC giveaway – Five Steam keys

    17 December 2016 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS CONTEST IS OVER!*** Way back in October last year, I wrote about Free Range Games tactical dungeon crawler RPG/collectible card game “Labyrinth“. Well, a lot of things have happened since then. Like the fact that “Labyrinth” has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight and reached it´s Kickstarter goal on time. Furthermore,... Read more

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    Final Fantasy XV giveaway – Two PS4 and Xbox One copies via Play-Asia

    15 December 2016 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS CONTEST IS OVER!*** As you might remember, earlier this week I (Robin Ek, TGG) said that I would try my very best to sort out a giveaway for Square Enix “Final Fantasy XV”. Well, here´s some good news for you all. You see, thanks to the awesome folks over at Play-Asia we´re giving away two PS4 and two Xbox... Read more

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    DriveDriveDrive! PC and PS4 giveaway! – Four keys for each format

    13 December 2016 , by Robin Ek

    ***THIS CONTEST IS OVER!*** Earlier today I (Robin Ek, TGG) dropped the news that Different Cloth´s racing game “DriveDriveDrive!” had launched for PC and PS4. Well, if you read that post, then you might remember that I also said that we “might” throw a PC and PS4 giveaway for the game? Hehe, let´s just say that I´ve got som... Read more

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