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    Aletheia Games has just unveiled their Razor console

    16 January 2017 , by Robin Ek

    ***Update 1 – 2017-01-16 – 19:20 CET*** I (Robin Ek, TGG) was just informed that there is a petition page for the Razor console (the goal would be to get signatures). Furthermore, there is Patreon page as well: “Operation Razor is on Patreon to Connect the fans of SEGA’s Long past to it’s far future. The reason Operati... Read more

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    Did Square Enix Europe Twitter account just get hacked?

    6 January 2017 , by Robin Ek

    It appears as if the Square Enix Europe Twitter account just got hacked. Well, at least that what it looks like at the moment…Because their account has been sending out tweets such as the following: That´s just the half of it though, because the official “Just Cause” Twitter account appears to have been hacked well: On a personal ... Read more

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    The Sexy Brutale has just launched its brand-new website

    5 January 2017 , by Robin Ek

    It´s been quite sometime since I wrote any updates about Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios upcoming never-ending masked ball puzzle-and-adventure game “The Sexy Brutale” (the game is scheduled for a Q1 2017 release on PC, PS 4 and Xbox One). Well, at least I have “some” news for you guys and girls. You see, José Herráe... Read more

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    The demo of Woven the game has been downloaded over 22,000 times

    5 January 2017 , by Robin Ek

    I know that it´s been a very long time since I published anything new about Alterego Games and Digital Forest upcoming adventure/puzzle game “Woven” (I posted my “Woven” PC-preview post back in October last year). However, late last night I spotted a tweet by Matthijs Kramer (story writer and game designer at Alterego Games)... Read more


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