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    There is a fan-made “It Came From The Desert” remake in the making

    4 December 2018 , by Robin Ek

    I’m pretty sure that the most of you are way too young to remember Cinemaware’s action-adventure game “It Came From The Desert“, because the game originally launched for the Amiga back in 1989 (even I’m too young to remember that game). Well, guess what? Out of nowhere I found out that there is a fan-made remake of ... Read more

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    Noble Muffins “Thief Simulator” is out now via Steam

    12 November 2018 , by Robin Ek

    I’m by no means a noob when it comes to simulator games, nor game series like “Thief“, “Grand Theft Auto“. Even so, I still can’t say that I’ve played all that many thief simulator games before. Well, that just happens to be what Noble Muffins PC game “Thief Simulator” is all about. That’s... Read more

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    “Wizards Tourney” is coming to PC via Steam on the 21st of September

    5 September 2018 , by Robin Ek

    Today is a good day if you just happen to like magic, wizards and party games. You see, A Bonfire of Souls just informed us that they plan to release their magic and wizard themed party game “Wizards Tourney” to PC (via Steam) on the 21st of September this year: “Hello, let us introduce WIZARDS TOURNEY, a multi-awarded party game.... Read more

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