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    Interview with RyanoftheStars – Fan translations, hacker attacks and GG in Japan

    14 September 2016 , by Justin Easler

    Just recently I (Jay Shay) got a chance to do an interview with RyanoftheStars who´s a fan translator (Ryan runs a site called “Karasu Corps“) from Japan. So we talked about everything from his recent hacker attacks, fan translations, #GamerGate to Torrential Downpour.  Jay TGG Would you be so kind and introduce yourself and Karasu Corp... Read more

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    Holly Wolf interview – Gaming, cosplay, sexiness and thoughts on censorship

    10 September 2016 , by Robin Ek

    I am very pleased to inform you boys and girls that I got a chance to do an interview with Miss Holly Wolf (Model/Actor/Dancer/Gamer/Cosplayer/Playboy mate). Especially since we talked about everything from cosplay, Gaming, Playboy, nudity to censorship in the games industry. So, please enjoy my interview folks 😉 (don´t forget to vote for Holly in ... Read more

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    Brad Wardell interview – #GamerGate 2nd year special part 2

    4 September 2016 , by Jack Davis

    We continue our #GamerGate 2nd year special interview series by interviewing some more developers from the games industry (we talked to Doug TenNapel in our previous #GamerGate interview). And this time we’re happy to chat with Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock, and the designer/producer of games such as the “Galactic Civilization”... Read more


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