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    Brad Wardell interview – #GamerGate 2nd year special part 2

    4 September 2016 , by Jack Davis

    We continue our #GamerGate 2nd year special interview series by interviewing some more developers from the games industry (we talked to Doug TenNapel in our previous #GamerGate interview). And this time we’re happy to chat with Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock, and the designer/producer of games such as the “Galactic Civilization”... Read more

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    SwimsuitSuccubus interview – Cosplay, Gaming and thoughts on lewd content

    2 September 2016 , by Robin Ek

    As you might remember, I did mention just recently that I intended to do an interview with SwimsuitSuccubus. Well, as I´m a person who keeps my promises no matter what. I sorted out the interview before I went to bed last night. So I asked SwimsuitSuccubus about everything from her naughty pictures, cosplay, Gaming, censorship to her favorite anime... Read more

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    Dragonpunk interview – A closer look at the neat Co-Op mod for XCOM 2

    1 September 2016 , by Jack Davis

    Just recently I got a chance to speak to Daniel Connery (the leader of the Dragonpunk team) about his “Dragonpunk” project, and good thing that. As the project is a really impressive Dark Fantasy/Cyberpunk mod for “XCOM 2”  (“Dragonpunk” is currently running a gofundme campaign to take its development to the next... Read more

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    Polylina, Aka the SEGA Saturn gal interview – Games, Gaming and memories

    1 September 2016 , by Robin Ek

    I was finally able to get a chance to do an interview with Polylina (Aka “the SEGA Saturn gal“). So I asked Polylina about everything from how she came up with her name, her love for the SEGA Saturn to her thoughts on censorship and lewd games. So, please enjoy my interview folks 😉 Robin TGG We could start of this interview... Read more

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    Doug TenNapel interview – #GamerGate 2nd year special part 1

    31 August 2016 , by Jack Davis

    Just recently it became official that it´s been two years since Adam Baldwin coined* the #GamerGate hashtag. And that started a sort of movement that consisted of gamers who demanding more ethics in journalism, and less politicization of games and games coverage. And while Youtubers and small gaming websites like ours praised #GamerGate. The mainst... Read more

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