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    Pinodrom Studios “Dicktator Launcher” has launched for Android devices

    30 April 2018 , by Robin Ek

    I don’t know if you guys and girls remember it, but back in February of 2015. I made a video for Pinodrom Studios point-and-click adventure game “Panchito Chepas“. Well, I haven’t heard a word from Pinodrom Studios since then. So over time I have pretty much forgotten all about Pinodrom (three years is a very long time for m... Read more

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    “ICEY” is out now for iOS, and the Android version will launch very soon

    23 October 2017 , by Robin Ek

    We were just informed by FantaBlade Network that their 2D side-scrolling action game “ICEY” is now available for iOS units, and that the Android version will launch on the 26th of October (the game has been out on PC and PS4 since 2016): “I’m Keane from Fantablade, an Indie developing team and the developer of indie hit ICEY... Read more

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    Kirby Battle Royale is coming to 3DS on the 3rd of November in Europe

    19 October 2017 , by Robin Ek

    As some of you might already know, the “Kirby” series celebrated it’s 25th anniversary back in August this year. Well, what you might not know is that Nintendo aims to release “Kirby Battle Royale” for the 3DS in Europe on the 3rd of November (it’s said that North America will get the game on the 19th of January ... Read more

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