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    A thought on the exclusions for “Pokémon Sword” and “Pokémon Shield”

    5 July 2019 , by David Lucas

    After Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse Live steam I have been seeing some dissatisfaction with the Game Freak’s decision to exclude the National Dex from the upcoming installments “Pokémon Sword” and “Pokémon Shield”, and that may be an understatement. This would not have a been a big deal (considering the Generation 7 titles didn’t have one as well),... Read more

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    The PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 – An average show with no real surprises

    14 June 2019 , by Nicholas Kingsley

    So, the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 event came and went just recently. Well, as a showcase for the best games on the best gaming platform currently available, you would think there would be a bit more pizzazz put into this show…But unfortunately not (and we didn’t get to see anything from “Half-Life 3” either! – Just jok... Read more

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