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    Tears of Yggdrasil PC preview – A really ambitious visual novel project

    15 January 2017 , by David Lucas

    “Tears of Yggdrasil” is a visual novel that is inspired by Japanese drama VNs with Norse mythology thrown into the mix, having a story that starts off as a typical school day but suddenly dealing with a phenomenon that going through Yggdrasil (don´t miss out on our Sekaiju Yggdrasil full demo playthrough!). The developer, MoonStar, is currently loo... Read more

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    Standby PC preview – A really good and fast-paced action/puzzle platformer

    23 October 2016 , by Robin Ek

    I have played quite a few puzzle, action and platform games over the years. However, Noclip´s fast-paced action/puzzle platformer “Standby” is something out of the ordinary with no doubt (there are some racing-like elements to the game as well). Well, for starter, the lightning-paced minimalistic design works like a charm in the world o... Read more

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