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    Wartile (pre-alpha build) PC preview – A fitting homage to figurine combat games

    12 August 2016 , by Chen Yiji

    As a tabletop gamer, I’ve always wanted a digital game where my figurines came to life on the tabletop. From what I’ve seen from the alpha, Wartile is an excellent attempt in revitalizing this age-old genre. Ignoring all the features of a game in alpha, the concept behind the game is quite interesting: Real-time combat with figurines. The execution... Read more

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    Worms W.M.D PC preview – Team 17 has made Worms fun to play again

    31 July 2016 , by Robin Ek

    Even though I have been a fan of Team 17´s “Worms” series since the very first game (the original game launched back in 1995). I still have to admit that it´s been years since the last time I played a “Worms” title. And the main reason behind that is because I felt like Team 17 had forgotten the series roots... Read more

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    Starfall Tactics PC preview – A really colorful and fun RTS space wargame

    28 July 2016 , by David Lucas

    “Starfall Tactics” is an RTS Space Wargame that is currently in its Alpha phase. Snowforged Entertainment gave us a key for us to participate and while a bit late here’s our preview from the recent build during the second test weekend. There are three factions to choose from: the totalian military Vanguard, the interstellar corpor... Read more

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    Pigsodus PC preview – A charming point-and-click pig survival horror RPG game

    16 July 2016 , by Robin Ek

    I wasn´t quite sure what I should make of “Pigsodus”, as I´ve never heard (or tried) a game where you control a farm pig. However, when Psilocybe Games presented the game for me. I really liked the idea of a point-and-click adventure/RPG and horror game that has a “Game of thrones” vibe to it (the devs own words, and animals... Read more


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