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    Molecats PC review – A fun, creative and rather original puzzle game

    9 October 2018 , by Guest Author

    Vidroid’s “Molecats” is a puzzle game in vein of “Lemmings” and “Pipemania”, where you need to get one or more molecats to the exit.  To do this, you need to traverse an underground maze by rotating tiles and/or by reversing, stopping or by making your molecat run really, really fast. So far, so simple. How... Read more

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    Rumblade PC review – A rather good and entertaining +18 lewd turn-based RPG

    29 September 2018 , by Guest Author

    “Rumblade”, from the developers Hirazawa (who also did “Mononofu”), comes the latest in the lewd 3D RPG games in the form of either web browser play or Android app. “Rumblade “ is taking place in Japan, and you are tasked with ridding the land of evil as per usual. To do this, does of course, require the use of rather... Read more

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