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    Prometheus movie review – A mixture of pure brilliance and idiocy

    27 April 2017 , by Robin Ek

    Yesterday wasn’t just any given day. No, because it was the Alien day. So I (Robin Ek, TGG) thought for myself that it could be a good idea for me to review Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/adventure/horror movie “Prometheus”. Especially since “Alien: Covenant” is less than one month away from release now. Anyways, I’... Read more

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    Scrap Garden: The Day Before PC review – A decent platform/adventure game

    17 April 2017 , by David Lucas

    It was an ordinary day for a C4N robot like Canny, enjoying the holiday season in his apartment, and out of the blue Canny received a called from Keeper. He said there was trouble in the city; the water-supply pressure dropped all of sudden. As the Reservoir Engineer was not responding, and, to add onto the problems on hand. The... Read more

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    Dungeon Souls PC review – A second take on Lamina Studios dungeon crawler RPG

    17 April 2017 , by David Lucas

    Many indie developers released some of most hard to beat games out there on the Internet. Some are sadistically hard like “Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures” (damn Death Blocks) while others emulate the classic difficulty from good games of the 8-bit era. “Dungeon Souls” is a roguelike game that rewards you for your dedication but wants you to earn ... Read more

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