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    Ghost 1.0 PC review – A really great sci-fi Metroidvania title

    14 May 2017 , by David Lucas

    These days developers have a tendency to put any nerd culture references in their games but making a game that is self-aware of what it is and using these themes to make it its own thing can lead to something amazing. “Ghost 1.0” takes recognizable science fiction themes and had some fun implementing them into the story and gameplay, making... Read more

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    Ahnayro: The Dream World PC review – A pretty decent and intense puzzle game

    7 May 2017 , by Guest Author

    “Ahnayro: The Dream World” is a type of spirit board game full of cryptic riddles with a Victorian-era narrative tying the puzzles together. The player is presented with a series of ‘tables’, and each one must be unlocked one after the other by clicking on items spread on the table and solving puzzles presented as ‘dream fragments’. A w... Read more

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    Zheros PS4 review – A rather flawed beat-em-up game

    6 May 2017 , by Guest Author

    Every now and then, I’m tasked with reviewing a game that is so incredibly not fun that it truly makes me question why I play video games. ZHEROS not only did this, but it also made me call into question why I even continue to wake up in the morning knowing that, while very slim, there is a possibility that... Read more

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