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    Rabi-Ribi PS4 review – A lewd and fun 2D platformer

    4 September 2017 , by Sharn Daniels

    You have to wonder sometimes, what would happen if a fluffy little bunny somehow transformed into a sexy lady in a swimsuit toting AAA sex appeal, add sassy fairy and a throw battle hammer into the mix what could possibly come from that? Well, Rabi-Ribi answers those questions twofold. From developer CreSpirit, they have created this 2D platforming... Read more

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    Sudden Strike 4 PS4 review – A pretty decent but expensive RTS experience

    3 September 2017 , by Sharn Daniels

    Real time strategy games are a rare creature on consoles, because other than “Halo Wars“. I can’t remember the last high-profile RTS title that launched on the market. I mean, the days of “Command and Conquer” are long gone on console (or anywhere else), and if you want to enjoy an RTS games like a boss, then PC is the... Read more

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