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    DriveDriveDrive! PS4 review – Driving games just got mental!

    7 January 2017 , by Guest Author

    How do you get your game noticed in a crowded genre where innovation is hard to come by? Easy, make it three times as crazy as the rest! I love driving games. I like “serious” simulation games on real-world tracks, and I love arcadey racing games where I earn points for well-taken corners and clean sectors. So when I saw... Read more

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    Final Fantasy XV PS4 review – Square Enix’s Redemption?

    18 December 2016 , by Justin Easler

    It’s weird. Ten years ago, we received the announcement from Square Enix of a Final Fantasy spin-off game known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. After going through countless delays and reworks, Square decided to push it back until it became what we know as Final Fantasy XV, a solid ten years later, and I’ll be honest, I thought it would... Read more

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    Pokémon Moon 3DS review – A really enjoyable Pokémon experience

    2 December 2016 , by David Lucas

    The Pokémon 20th anniversary had all sorts of goodies for the fanbase, from the core video game series to the trading card game. While 2016 has been a year to celebrate slew of other games, I found this as a sort of “The Year of Pokémon”. And to help wrap up this anniversary we now have Generation VII’s “Pokémon Sun”... Read more

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    Cossacks 3 PC review – The best Cossacks title so far

    20 November 2016 , by Guest Author

    I used to play Empire Earth a lot as a kid. From there, Cossacks 1 came to my knowledge, and I loved both games. Now, Cossacks 3 is upon us, and it´s an experience, a positive one at that. Why, you ask? Well, here are my thoughts on it. Cossacks 3 hits you with fairly intense battles, pretty graphics and... Read more


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