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    Roccat Leadr review – A rather good wireless RGB Gaming mouse

    5 June 2019 , by Robin Ek

    I have used and reviewed quite a few different Gaming mice over the years (I have reviewed Kone Aimo and the Kone Pure in the past, for example), but I have actually never reviewed a wireless Gaming mouse before (there is a first time for everything I suppose). Well, not too long ago Roccat reached out to us and asked... Read more

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    Days Gone PS4 review – Don’t buy into the negative review fuss

    18 May 2019 , by Sharn Daniels

    Finally after 50+ hours of Gaming and a platinum trophy I can finally talk about “Days Gone” and give you my full review of the game. However, before I get into things, the last week or so I’ve been utterly shocked and dismayed by the absolute bone idle reviews that have come out scoring this game a 6, 5 and... Read more

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