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    Nioh PS4 review – Team Ninja has managed to create Samurai awesomeness

    5 March 2017 , by Justin Easler

    I’m not going to waste my time in this review comparing this Nioh to Dark Souls. As every reviewer and their mother has already made this comparison, and so for me to make that comparison so late is a little redundant. Any ways, in Team Ninja’s Nioh, you play as William, a significant historical figure in 1600s Japan. William is on... Read more

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    HERO Unit Android review – A rather good text simulation mobile game

    3 March 2017 , by David Lucas

    Being a 911 Emergency Dispatcher must not be an easy. You’ll never know what kind of trouble you’ll hear from the caller, if they’re not drunk or just some kids and other unaware individuals. In “H.E.R.O. Unit” you take the role of the dispatcher and handle emergency calls that come your way (God help them). “H.E.R.O. Unit” is a text...... Read more

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    Torment: Tides of Numenera PC review – When tons of reading and RPG collide

    1 March 2017 , by Jack Davis

    Torment is the spiritual successor of Planescape: Torment, a narrative RPG released in 1999. Brian Fargo from inXile and some of the original developers of Planescape: Torment successfully crowd funded this game via Kickstarter, just like they did with Wasteland 2, in order to bring us a type of RPG that we don’t see very often. Instead of using th... Read more

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    Chime Sharp PS4 review – Move aside Tetris, Chime Sharp is here!

    26 February 2017 , by Sharn Daniels

    You know, ever since I was a small child, I’ve always had an affiliation Tetris blocks. So I’ve spent hours navigating them, clearing lines and humming the tune as I rack up countless points. However, after a decade or so it gets a bit stale, even Tiny Towers didn’t hold my attention for long. I mean, don’t get me wrong... Read more

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