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    Necrosphere PC review – A really good but devilishly hard platformer

    22 October 2017 , by Guest Author

    “Necrosphere” is an incredibly enjoyable and difficult Metroidvania platformer developed by Cat Nigiri. You take control of Agent Terry Cooper, who has died and gone to the Necrosphere – an afterlife where he will be eternally trapped unless he can find a way out. The Necrosphere is not a welcoming place and Terry’s moveset is ini... Read more

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    The Evil Within 2 PS4 review – Survival horror done right

    21 October 2017 , by Sharn Daniels

    When Shinji Mikami brushed off his coat and returned to survival horror with the release of “Evil Within” back in 2014, I was elated. Why? Because I really enjoyed the game a whole lot (thus the reason why I played through it multiple times). Sure, “Evil Within” had its issues. Nevertheless, it was a nice return to survival ... Read more

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    Pictopix PC review – A really good and fun brain-exercise puzzler

    21 October 2017 , by Guest Author

    When I saw “Pictopix” in the list of games available to review and saw that it was a picross-style puzzler for the PC, I leapt at the chance to take a look. I’ve played “Picross “on DS/3DS for many, many hours. I love using my brain to work out where blocks go and form a picture at the end, and... Read more

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