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    One show only PC review – A decent card battling detective game

    6 November 2016 , by David Lucas

    Card battle games can just appear anywhere these days, even in the least expected places. “One Show Only,” a mystery game, is one of those cases where a card system is integrated into the mechanics. How does it play out for a murder case? Well, that took a bit of detective work. Playing the game as a detective you need... Read more

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    Brutal Doom 64 PC review – Doom 64 has been reborn

    3 November 2016 , by Robin Ek

    I have been waiting and looking forward to Sergeant Mark IV´s “Brutal Doom 64” for a very long time, because I never got around to finish playing through the original version of Doom 64 (the game was originally released back in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 console, ). Any ways, my eternal-like wait ended on the 30th of October. Because that... Read more

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    Inside PS4 review – One of the best adventure puzzle-platformers of this generation

    2 November 2016 , by Guest Author

    ‘Inside’ is a spiritual successor to Playdead’s hugely successful ‘Limbo’; a game which I loved. Before I sat down to play “Inside”, I worried whether or not it could match the quality of its predecessor – within the first five minutes of gameplay I had been in awe, terror, shock and relief. The game commands your attention, and it neve... Read more

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    Overcooked PC review – Too many cooks…make for a great laugh

    31 October 2016 , by Guest Author

    How do you sell a cooking game to someone to try out? By telling them it’s one of the most chaotic, laugh-a-minute, noisiest multi-player games around. Ghost Town Games “Overcooked” features up to four chefs, all “working together” to fulfil a list of orders before the time runs out. So, why the double speech marks? Well, because if you... Read more


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