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    Scrap Garden PC review – A truly fun and charming platformer

    20 February 2017 , by David Lucas

    There was once a robot with the designation “C4NNY”, or Canny as his friends called him. One day, he was recalled to have his battery replace, since a nuclear-power source is too dangerous to have as the new Red Crystal was deemed safer. In the middle of the process all the robots stopped, leaving Canny stand in his place as... Read more

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    Semispheres PS4 review – A really entertaining and relaxing stealth puzzler

    17 February 2017 , by Sharn Daniels

    “Semispheres” is a truly neat stealth puzzler by studio Vivid Helix with a developer team of one (Radu Muresan), and the game sure picked a nice day to launch on the PS4. Yes, the game actually dropped on PSN on Valentine’s Day. Any ways, I´ll have you know that this little game is certainly worth of your time. As it... Read more

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    Fire Emblem Heroes Android review – A pretty good Fire Emblem app

    12 February 2017 , by David Lucas

    When “Tokyo Mirage Session FE” was originally teased it seemed like a crossover between the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem franchises. What I saw was something more in lines of Persona with Fire Emblem characters acting as the facades used to face hardships of being an idol master. “Fire Emblem Heroes”, though, actually gave us something resemb... Read more

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