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    Fran Bow gameplay – Episode 1 – Dr Phil and the betrayer

    11 September 2015 , by Jonas Ek

    Two years ago, I uploaded my very first video of Killmonday Games point-and-click adventure/horror/puzzle game “Fran Bow.” And I finished the demo of the game back in August 2013, so I have been waiting a really long time to play the final version of “Fran Bow.” Well, my wait ended on the 27th of August this year. So I have.... Read more

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    Tower 57 – First look and hands-on thoughts

    17 August 2015 , by Robin Ek

    I have now spent over four hours on Benitosub and Cyangmou´s 16-bit twin-stick shooter “Tower 57.” So I think it´s time for me to write-up an “first impression’ article about ‘Tower 57.” So here we go! Well, for starter the game looks bloody brilliant (16-bit art perfection to the bone!). And Benitosub sure didn´... Read more

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    Brutal Doom v20 – Sergeant Mark IV´s brutal masterpiece

    8 June 2015 , by Robin Ek

    I´m not a big fan of Mondays, but I have had a really good weekend I have to say. As I’ve been busy playing Brutal Doom v20 for the last +24 hours. I have actually been teaching O.J (my brother) how BD v20 works (since his a BD noob), because he has never played “Final Doom” before. I also had... Read more

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    #GamerGate has changed the games industry

    16 May 2015 , by Robin Ek

    Since i made my “#GamerGate has changed the games industry – Topic of the week” video (i uploaded it yesterday), i have received quite a lot of new information (at least for me). Like the fact that WAM! (Women, Action, and the Media) has made an #GamerGate analysis. In fact, i wrote about it yesterday and that analysis was quite i... Read more

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