I don’t like to bring up bad news during weekends, but sadly enough, today is one of those days. You see, I just found out that Marvelous, Meteorise and HONEY PARADE GAMES sexy action brawler “Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni” has been removed from Steam in Australia and Germany. This became known when emo185 posted the following information on Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni’s steam page:

“Hello Everyone, As of today, 10th August 2017, VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI-, VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Complete Edition and the VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Complete DLC Pack are no longer available for purchase on Steam in Australia and Germany.VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- was removed for sale in these countries in accordance with local legislation. This announcement does not affect any other country and VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- will continue to be available to purchase on Steam in other countries.

Those who currently own VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- on Steam in Australia and Germany will still be able to play the game from their Steam library. We are currently investigating the possibilities to make VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- available again in these countries.We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will provide updates when possible.” – emo185 Social Media & Community Manager for Marvelous Games (Europe) & Founder of AnimeBlurayUK.

valkyrie drive bhikkhuni steam part 2

You can really tell that Gamers are fed up with censorship. Especially Gamers from the West.

In other words, players in Germany and Australia can no longer buy “Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni” via Steam…However, emo185 did add the following statement:

“We are currently investigating the possibilities to make VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- available again in these countries.”

It’s also worth pointing out that Germany and Australia are well-known for pulling of censorship stunts like this. So I wasn’t all that surprised to hear that “Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni” ended up like it did in those countries. Nevertheless, I still feel sorry for the players in Australia and Germany, because “Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni” is a really good game that’s worthy of your time and money.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


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48 Comments ON " Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni has been removed from St... "
  • Migi

    Both country’s are heavy on censorship but also heavy on islamic terrorism, yet they seem to think video games is the more dangerous one out of the two

    • Hans Wurst

      Wtf are you talking about?! Germany has had less dead people from terrorism than people who die from gun-shots in probably every American city IN ONE WEEK!

      Germany’s censorship only targets excessive violence and Nazi symbolism btw.

      Haven’t heard from many incidents in Australia either.
      Btw why should there be any connection to islamists?!

      You clearly must be American going by your ignorance.

      • Migi

        Also the so called massive shootings still remain Black on Black crime area’,s police won’t patrol anymore like Chicago. Yet no one will have that debate or else you’d get labeled as a racist. And if your whining it’s guns then take a look at Sweden a country without guns yet islamists walk around there with Fing grenades and AK-47.

        Germany has prefented a lot of terrorist same for australia but if they weren’t prevented they would have had bloodbaths. simply thinking preventing them doesn’t change the fact they have a lot of terrorists.

        If that were true then these games wouldn’t have been banned considering they are mostly nudity. Germany has become more of a SJW country you just have to mention the war and they will ignore more pressing matter like their massivly failed immigration.

        Also swastika could be allowed with gaming under the act of using it as a art form like german movies do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej9OPUspjeE

        Australia has a lot of radicals and are doing nothing about it but ignore these problems while constantly whine about how violent video games are and a bit of nudity

        No you moron, i’m not American. And i can see your single minded bias idea of certain subject makes you nothing more then a SJW drone that feels when somebody calls out a real problem instead of thinking Imaginary characters need protection or else you’d get triggered.

        I alrdy got a 3 day ban on facebook, for calling ppl out for whining about a troll making a swastika to trigger ppl yet looking away at a genocidal religion killing ppl on mass.

        I’m Dutch and i don’t give a fuck what the germans did during the WW2 cause it doesn’t affect me or gives me a reason to hate the germans. Today’s ppl are too stuck in the past and will use it as a shield to get entitlement or shut up real debate for real problems. These Draconian Censorship laws that germany has are nothing but bullshit! they will cover up migrant rapes and murders and that is something that is affecting ppl today.

        • Hans Wurst

          Draconian?! You know nothing Jon Snow. There is close to nothing censored in Germany at all these days…we’re probably the second most liberal country in all Europe after you Dutch..ok, maybe Belgium. I don’t know for sure…that said we have clear laws about the display of Swastikas and Nazi symbolism for obvious reasons, outside of artistic purposes as you mentioned correctly.

          In the context of video games that mainly focus on shooting and no deeper reflection on historical context, it is very much debatable, if those games can be considered art. Excessive violence, like using brutal violence against humans just for the sake of fun, is another subject critically observed and I can’t really blame anyone here for that, considering our history.

          People calling us SJWs for that are clearly showing their ignorance for that sensitive matter, I’m sorry.

          That said, nudity and sex are clearly none of those subjects. We’re famous for our FKK culture, we’re maybe not as liberal as you Dutchies having no problem showing hookers in windows, but showing breasts and even dicks on normal free TV is no problem here.

          Btw those laws do in no way affect what our media are reporting. If they do hold back, which they usually aren’t, it’s because they are afraid of rising racism. I myself work with refugees, my parents as well…by far the majority of refugees are good people…that’s what ignorants and racists seem to overlook quite easily, being raised in a perfect environment without fearing for their lives every day of the week. That said those circumstances bring out the worst in some people, not debating that.

          Call me a SJW for that, Gutmensch, whatever….I will still think you are spoiled western raised kids without any sense for reality!

          Btw I apologise for calling you an American.

        • Hans Wurst

          Btw I apologise for calling you an American.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I heard about this…Talk about getting your priorities wrong.

      • Migi

        Most likely some retarded politicians that can’t seem to fix real problems so they just switch to imaginairy characters so they can act like they did something good.

        • True, just look at Sweden. It’s going down south fast over here…Our police can’t even uphold the law anymore, so now we got anarki going on in a handful of cities. Yes, it’s just projecting, because it’s easier to just blame games instead of actually solving the REAL problems at hand.

          • Migi

            Sweden is practically fucked with denying facts which are obvious and even covering them up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdQiIDXutsk
            Not to mention this kinda shit.
            I in generally don’t give a fuck about Trans ppl and they can be a flying unicorn or whatever the fuck they want and be happy but this is just child abuse these 2 boys aren’t given a option.

            Sweden is something the western world doesn’t need to become or else it’ll be commiting suicide.

          • Sweden is beyond messed up at this point…That’s also why people outside of Sweden should pay very close attention to what’s going on over here (learn from it, and don’t make the same mistakes).

          • Hans Wurst

            You’ve dreamt your socialist white dream for too long. Just try to adapt to reality.

          • I’ve been a red pill since 1998, so I’ve been woke for years. This is also a matter of extreme propaganda, brain washing and white guilt (this has been going on in Sweden for +30 years straight).

          • Hans Wurst

            No..you’re just not used to handle different cultures. That’s why you act more racist like others, similar to eastern Germany.

          • Are you for real or just trolling?

            “No..you’re just not used to handle different cultures” – Yes, I guess that’s why pretty much every single EU country but the Slavic states are having these imported “culture problems”. Furthermore, skip that damn racist crap thanks, because that word has lost it’s meaning since everything and everyone is a racist nowadays. Even candy, milk and ice cream are racist…

          • Hans Wurst

            ‘But the slavic states’..Not sure if you mean the pretty nationalist and yes, racist Poland and Hungary or the Balkan states which even have large Muslim communities traditionally. Either way you’re just proving my point.

          • Hans Wurst

            You honestly believe sharing a UKIP video does somehow prove your point?!

          • Migi

            If you had a brain you’d know it isn’t a Ukip Video it is just a Video a Ukip channel uploaded but i can see you even beyond sanity. or else you’d be able to seee it was a BBC program but i guess your retarded leftist ideology can’t even distingues that. And we all know how lefttist BBC is with discrimination towards white ppl and even firing them from their jobs to make way for so called diversity.

          • Hans Wurst

            Discrimination against whites people…sure. Thanks, now I know how your clocks are ticking. Fuck off Neo-Nazi scum!

          • Migi

            Did the true fact hurt you leftist liberal butthurt feeling? considering it was factual that BBC discriminated by firing one guy simply cause of their diversity agenda. I also like how you are triggered and try to use labels when fact are shown, That crybaby’s like you will use those labels but you won’t call out islam for what it is a genocidal religion and you would even protect those murders in teh name of tolerance.

            Let me guess anybody that thinks differntly then you will be labeled a Nazi cause that’s how losers like you work. I sure love those libtards that think they can see the world with feelings instead of facts. Go cry me a river crybaby!

            Also you must be a pretty big loser to upvote yourself!

            Can you actaully come with something factual cause all your doing is selling shit and i can see what you wrote and it shows me your full of it.

          • Hans Wurst

            No need to discuss with a Trump voting redneck ( or UKIP voter for that matter, AfD, Front Nationale all the same) You snowflakes simply can’t take it your positions are getting less and less supported in this developing world. People with a narrow minded view of the world like your kind will just fall over the edge at some point and you’re afraid of it, because you realise this world is changing and doesn’t leave room for your pity soul. Go cry me a river kid, I won’t care.

          • I thought he stated before that his not an American?

          • Hans Wurst

            Oh right, it was UKIP. Same thing…I apologise..not!

          • Ehrm…Didn’t he mention that he was Dutch? So I guess that he lives in Holland? And if he likes UKIP and Trump, then that’s his personal opinion. Just like you got yours.

          • Migi

            like so many Antifa libtards they run their mouth but run away when it comes to the facts.

          • Hans Wurst

            The problem is you Swedes…you’re not used to immigration, dreaming you white and blond haired dream for too long. Now you’re failing to handle just the small numbers of migrants, which is kinda sad tbh. Prepare for way worse times in the future. Africa is just waking up!

          • “the small numbers of migrants” – I didn’t know that it was comedy hour today? we have taken in more “refugees” than most other countries in the whole world based on our own population. You don’t say? Guess three times why people are leaving Sweden for other countries. Furthermore, I didn’t ask for any of this.

          • Hans Wurst

            It’s laughable compared to us Germans. Like I said…you’re pussying out and in panic mode. Don’t run away like chicken once your perfect world crumbles. People ‘run away’ from other countries for more important reasons.

          • “It’s laughable compared to us Germans.”

            – As if Germany is any better off. You are just as cucked as France.

            “People ‘run away’ from other countries for more important reasons.”

            – You mean like getting free shit, housing and fat welfare checks for life?

            “Don’t run away like chicken once your perfect world crumbles”

            – Germany is a big reason behind why we got these problems (Mama Merkel opened up the pandoras box), so look who’s talking…

          • Hans Wurst

            Like I said…you spoiled kids are in fear you’ll need to share the cake in the future. Germany is fine btw..have you been here lately?! We have 40% immigrant roots and are still close to world leading after 2 huge wars. We can handle a few more immigrants. I’m more concerned about the rising right wing Neo-Nazis all over Europe than I could ever be for some asshole islamists. I have many muslim friends who hate both of those parties just as much as I do btw.

          • “Like I said…you spoiled kids are in fear you’ll need to share the cake in the future.” – What the hell are you talking about? Most of the youth haven’t voted or asked for this mess. That’s like I would blame you for the Nazis in Germany.

            ” Germany is fine btw..have you been here lately?! We have 40% immigrant roots and still close to world leading after 2 huge wars. ”

            – No, don’t have to either. As I’ve heard enough from people who have left the country for Slavic nations. Good for you, then you won’t have a problem with taking in what Italy, Greece, France and Sweden got as well?

            “I’m more concerned about the rising right wing Neo-Nazis all over Europe than I could ever be for some asshole islamists.”

            – Yes, because it’s them who blow shit up, cause waves of rape throughout europe, and groom little children. Then we got the Sharia law crap on top of that and no go zones. I don’t like either one of them, same goes for commis.

          • Hans Wurst

            Wow…I expected you’d be a Trump supporter look-alike. More people die from swallowing cum than bombs in western countries. Just because 5 are raped (touched) now in comparison to 2 last year it doesn’t mean it’s a WAVE. That’s what I meant earlier…you want the cake without caring for who harvests the sugar.

          • I hope for your own sake that you don’t say that to someone who have been affected by this personally, because that could have a very bad effect to your well being. I know my own country, and we did not have these problems a couple of years ago, and it’s now so bad that women don’t feel safe anymore.

            “you want the cake without caring for who harvests the sugar.” – The fucking hell are you talking about? I’m done with your bs.

          • Hans Wurst

            I’m talking about the fact how we western countries exploit the third world countries, be it for oil, as a market place or cheap labour. It’s been always like that. They called it slavery once. And when they rise up and want a piece of the cake we are furious and ask us why?! F’in hypocrites we are!

          • There is a handful of people that does this, and they got trillions of dollars, and yet they want more. I had no part of it, most of us had no part in it. So those who should suffer are those who have caused all of this to happen in the first place.

          • Hans Wurst

            Then go to the streets, rise a revolution but don’t blame those who didn’t cause that all to begin with. Be it Syrians, Iraqis or Germans.

          • Hans Wurst

            Btw…how many Afghans and Lybians/northern African people are among your ‘refugees’?! Didn’t your country participate in destabilising those regions?! Guess Karma works indeed.

          • How the hell would I know? Because they all claim to be “refugee children”. You even got Somalies that claim that they are Syrians with fake passports and whatnot. Are you retarded? America casued that fucking mess.

            That’s like having me messing up someones house then I send the bill to you. The whole Middle East crisis was their damn doing (the ones in power, not the people).

          • Hans Wurst

            So we indeed can agree on something…it’s America causing this mess, not Germany. And especially not the refugees/people living there.
            There are always assholes trying to exploit our help but they are far from the majority.

          • You do realize that there is a bigger picture to this right? The elites are making a lot of money on wars. They also want oil from the Middle East. Why do you think Libya ended up like it did?

          • Hans Wurst

            I do and I see we at least agree on something…you know what is even more funny?! The US and Russia destabilising Europe through wars like Syria and Ukraine and unleashing masses of Refugees while themselves refusing to take any. It’s a way of indirect war against a common competitor on the world market.

            If we let them weaken us by dividing us we’re just playing along.

          • This is nothing new, and this particular “refugee crisis” was created to mess Europe up. This has been planned for years.

          • Hans Wurst

            Exactly…so you’re going to give up and run away or fight with what you have and show them that they’re not going to succeed?! I guess we both have the same goal…I know what my way of working with it is. I don’t think I understand yours though.

  • Hans Wurst

    I wonder what the reason was…it surely wasn’t the sexism and partial nudity. Germany is very open minded and even full nudity on TV or adds isn’t a problem at all. Must have been the combination with violence, that’s where things sometimes get hairy here because of our history.

    • Try telling that to Hans Wurst…(check out his comments on this post).

      • check out his comments on this post

        I have. He’s nothing more than your usual SJW parasite pretending to be semi-neutral. People like this are a waste of oxygen.

        • Ah ha, I see. True, but “maybe” he or she just a troll? (it’s hard to tell nowadays…).

        • I’m not even going to waste my time on that person, and I proved my point. Just check what happened in Barcelona…We’re going to have that sort of thing happen every single week if something isn’t done about this matter. Well, you saw what he wrote to me…

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