E3! One of the biggest entertainment conferences around! Now we had learned a lot about the new games upcoming later this year and into 2016. Fallout 4, Forza 6, Halo 5, Final Fantasy, and many more! So we had conferences from Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Xbox and let me tell you, IT ROCKED!! So the main conference that I want to focus on is the Xbox conference.

With great things to show this year, Xbox blew the stage! Back on June 15th 2015, Microsoft shocked all of the Xbox One owners out there. I am an owner of an Xbox One console and man I was literally crying when we had the announcement of the new games and features heading for the Xbox One. Now enough blabbing on that behalf. For those of you who own an Xbox One console we have BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY a NEW CONTROLLER DESIGN and MOST OF ALL MORE GAMES!

xbox one backwards compatibility

Microsoft´s announcement of Xbox One´s backwards compatibility, was with no doubt one of the biggest announcements at E3 this year.

 So the best thing I thing Xbox brought out at their E3 conference was the backwards compatibility. This means that all your Xbox 360 games will be playable on your Xbox One console, whether it’s a disc or not. Now this just blew my mind because all of them games that a lot of people have and go to use and are playable again. Shockwaves blew across the whole area when Xbox members heard those two words come out! Now this feature works by making an Xbox 360 emulator run on the Xbox One console, which allows you to play games, be in a party chat with Xbox 360 users, and as well use all of its features.

For you antsy people out there, this will roll out later this year towards December. But wait! If you would like to try it now there are ways. All you have to do is get invited into the Xbox Preview Program, if you’re not already a member. I am a member myself guys and this emulator is running smooth and I’ve recently been playing Battle Block Theater.

xbox elite wireless controller

The Xbox Elite wireless controller will work for Xbox One and Windows 10. There´s no price for the controller yet, but expect the price to be either $80USD or $120USD.

Next off Phil Spencer was proud to introduce the new Xbox One controller design! First off I find this to be amazing. This new controller has a new layout to configure the way you want to play your game and how you want the controller to be like.  For those of you who have seen a Scuf controller that is basically what it is, a controller for pretty much competitive playing. Now one major this about this new controller design is that it has detachable analog sticks which are really cool. You’re able to switch the different paddings to go with your thumbs so I find this to be very useful.

Also the Xbox One Elite controller will have a 3mm headset jack which was a smart thing to do, that saves us money by not having to buy a $30USD headset adapter. Unfortunately I have purchased one of those and it makes my controller extra bulky than what it already is. There’s no price range for this controller at the moment but you should expect it to be from $80USD to $120USD. Now before I switch off to the games, I want to stress that the Xbox Elite controller is not the only controller with the 3mm headset jack, there will be a normal controller rolling out in July with the headset jack.

xbox one forza 6

Forza 6 Is thought to be THE ultimate racing experience for Xbox One.

Lastly that was major at Xbox E3 were their line-up of games. Now despite the fact that Xbox does not have many exclusives, they have outstanding ones! One of the greatest motorsport games out there, Forza, is back with its 6th game to the franchise with tons of new race tracks and lots of new and fast cars to go to work. Forza 6 is looking pretty sweet when it comes to the graphics and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  Another great game we have coming to the Xbox One later this year is Rise of Tomb Raider! With this epic adventure game, you get to be back with Lara Croft and doing what she does best! Facing the environment and the struggles of nature and raiding tombs.

halo 5 guardians

Halo 5: Guardians rocked Xbox´s press conference like an earthquake.

I got to say this game looks phenomenal. Everything about it from coloring to and design of the game, its beauty! Now the last game that’s exclusive for Xbox is Halo 5: Guardians. Now Halo has been a fan favorite since the first day of Xbox being made and it’s always been fun. But now we have an all new story where the great and powerful Master Chief, is being hunted down by Spartan Locke. But what for?

Is he a friend or Foe? You will know on October 27th 2015! Now if you did play the beta, which I did, you got a little feeling of how the game flows when it comes to multiplayer. Online play had brought back a lot of old weapons but also new weaponry and moves.  You have a ground smash which is rechargeable for more damage and it’s EPIC! Also we have a dashing move to easily increase your survival as well as play off an interesting attack. Halo 5, Forza 6 and Tomb Raider were the perfect game line-up for the Xbox E3 conference.

xbox one e3 2015

Microsoft had a really good press conference this year, with no doubt!

With all of this being showed off within an hour and a half, Xbox and its fans definitely had a blast! No doubt! Personally the one and only thing that blew me away was the backwards compatibility because I like many more, have a lot of download games for the Xbox 360 and I currently don’t have that console anymore. So this saved my life from having to buy another console which I previously sold, and it really helps out a lot! At the end of the day I truly believe Xbox took over E3!

Now this was a good year but there’s many more to come in the near future. Just be ready!

tgg Dante Jordan
Dante Jordan
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @crytexjordan

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